Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Duplicated Video

Although the FB have duplicated the video but that's probably I don't know it well enough, so I did not use it well enough.

Anyhow, I just need to keep this... because I have deleted the first entry.


End of 2010...

I'm thinking,
I'm arranging,
I'm scheduling,
I'm planning,
I'm budgeting, for 2011

Then I want ruthless execution for 2011...
That's the commitment.

Word to myself:

Walk the talk...


Sunday, December 26, 2010


Merry Christmas !!!
I hope Christmas day 2010 would be a memorable day for my dear.


Monday, December 20, 2010

I want to be like Energizer

My first night race, a full marathon at Singapore is on, and I'm still hunger for more. Looks like I feel good to drain my energy just to make extra miles, and make myself happy, probably feel better of myself. However, it does nothing good for my wallet.

I've told myself for 2011, I'll be taking part in one, and only one marathon abroad, which is the Sundown marathon because I foresee the spending in 2011 will be a few 'X' of 2010. Not sure whether I want to go to Sepang for this one, have not really step into the circuit. argh... money and time is the main barrier now.

I'm interested to join the Bareno run, which provides 21km finisher T, first that I ever heard, but not cheap. Planning to join Standard Chartered full if not half marathon. It is not so happening in Penang.

How good if I can make RM1 for each km I've ran, then probably I will stretch myself to achieve better mileage, just for the $$$.

Let me plan my budget before committing too much. I have to remind myself that money is the biggest barrier at the moment.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First day of the last month of 2010

Time flies. It is coming to the end of 2010, soon.

What have you done?
Did you achieve the goals that you've set earlier?
What is your plan for next year?

Questions popping out... which most of them, I do not have an answer.
I hope I can stop the time, but things seem not so 'beautiful' when the clock stop ticking...
tick tock tick tock....

Time is running out...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sundown 2011

I'm going to Singapore for the first marathon of my life.
Excited. Nervous. Fear.
It's time to stretch my limit again.

Do you know that I join the run just because of the slogan?
'Beat the sunrise'
I guess that's the driving force.

First time.
No experience.
What do I need?

Training... serious training.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Project 52 Halted

Totally not surprising that Project 52 have been halted, or I would say indefinitely postponed if I want it to sound better. It is not in the top 3 priorities now, so no choice.

I might have let myself down, but I knew that, but I want to try.

Good luck on everything else. Focus on top priorities.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ESD Quality System Review Training

It has been an exciting week so far, having the audit training together with the corporate ESD guy, sites ESD coodinators and corporate system review auditors. You know what? They're are kind of demanding, and perfectionist, I guess that makes them auditors.

Yeah, I did not go through ISO training or any other documentation quality system training, so you can imagine what I'm going through now. Many questions without answers, or without a supporting documents. Arh... hope that it is not going to be a huge non-conformance that raise the red flag.

However, after sinking down for a while. I think, why not? Let them dig everything out, and we solve everything, take this opportunity to enhance, improve or overhaul the system, as least there would be some sense of urgency, when people quote the abbreviation 'QSR'.

Come on... everything is going to fine.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Genting Trailblazer 2010

I do not have much time for blogging and some other things in November, busy.... so  I just post up 2 photos taken during the GTB 2010. That's my partner, Aek Hong, and he is going to get married soon, happy for him.

We were in 97th place. Not a bad placing for me, after sleeping just for 3 hours, taken some alcohol, and losing some money to Uncle Lim.

Had fun. Hopefully I can do better next year.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010






Monday, October 25, 2010

The Spark

Although it is a very difficult path in front, there are doubts, there is a lot of unknown, I'm not sure what will happen, but I took the step. I hope it is a step forward. It would be step that takes me out of my comfort zone. I always tell myself, you are who you think of.

I remember the feeling when Wayne and I met at the Penang International Airport, it was an unscheduled meeting. He asked me what are you doing? I answered that I'm an engineer in my company. Not an answer that I'm proud of, not because the pay is below par, not because of it is a bad workplace, but there is something missing from me.

The spark has come back again. Hopefully I would be able to grab it, light it and enlighten others.

Come on....


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Facebook Spamming

I know it can be turned off, but I never expect this many in such a short time.

Sometimes, it is fun; sometimes, it is annoying. So how? - Live with it :p


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

AirAsia Improved

AirAsia has made a significant improvement by adding the LIVE assistant feature at their website, but the traffic is quite heavy too. Anyway, great job to help those need instant help, and cannot get help through the phone.

Below is the transcript of conversation recorded...
Hello ChoonShih. How may I help you?

Welcome to Air Asia !Before we proceed, I would need some basic information from you. May I have your full name and mobile number?

Hi, may I know how to book ticket using the priority booking privilledge?

Hi, I'm Tan Choon Shih. 01X-XXXXXX

Thank you for the information.

You must be an AirAsia Savers Account Holder or AirAsia-Citibank Credit Cardmember

I got an promotional SMS from AirAsia priority booking but I'm not sure how to proceed from there. I have AirAsia credit card.

Kindly go to

I can just book from there? If I use the normal login to book, I'll just get normal rate?

Correct.You must be an AirAsia Savers Account Holder or AirAsia-Citibank Credit Cardmember to be able to enjoy this.

Ok. Thank you so much for your help. I try to login and search for the flights.

Kindly do.

Is there anything else I may assist you with?

Not at the moment. Thanks for your help. Have a nice day.

You're most welcome.Do not hesitate to contact us again should you require any further information. Kindly proceed with our Customer Survey after this conference, to help us Improve on our Quality and Services. Do click on the "Close" button provided on the lower toolbar instead of the "X" button that closes the chat window so that you may share your experience by doing the Survey. Thank you for your time and Thank you for contacting Air Asia. Have a pleasant day.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010







Saturday, October 9, 2010

Project 52

I've forgot when did I buy the DSLR, and project 365 has not even cross my mind for years until today. I seriously thinking to post some photos up to my blog or FB, daily photos? no way... how could I achieve that number given the time I need to spent on other things? Impossible, but not impossible entirely. I think probably I can start Project 52 instead?

The idea really flowing in after I've bought myself a lens that I have wanted for so long, besides getting a new camera body. I have spent half a thousand, this is an amount that my dear keep complaining that she could do much things with it, but people see things, and value things differently. I've told myself to forget about getting a new camera in short term, errmmm, I would say in the near 6 to 12 months. I also promise myself that I would be a very cautious in spending, just to make sure that I can help ManQing to materialize somethings that we want for out future.

Looks like the long wish list that includes a better DSLR, iPhone4, MacBook, especially those high tech gadget are going to be friezed. Never mind lar....I should talk about Project 52. Besides, I did not discard the flash light from my wish list or more accurate to say, the must spend list, but I really need to prolong the service life of my Alpha 200 if I really want to get a flash.

hmm.... I have the photos inside the memory card, but I'm lazy to download it, to post it up, that's why Project 365 is not going to happen, we'll see whether Project 52 could be something really special :p

Still thinking whether to post up the 1st 50mm F1.8 photo for 1/52..... tik tok tik tok....


Thursday, October 7, 2010


好男不和女斗?只是不想让你所谓的 International Social Platform 难堪而已!其实我根本不想鸟任何人,浪费时间。


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Craving for camera

Aiyaa..... did not post up my new T-shirt yet, it is printed with a huge antic camera hanging on my neck, a gift from my dear. I was browsing here and there to get some ting ting tong tong, and I came across this pendant, love it so much, but it is no longer available.

Recently craving for new camera, since I'm not going to get a real one in short term, at least. So, I want to get everything else that have the cameras. hahahaha.....

Back to the necklace, although it is a bit overpriced, but I'm glad to pay the price if I see it first.
People says: 可遇不可求!

It looks like this: (Vist My Kedai Runcit)


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ah Dear, happy birthday!

Haha, I'm like a teenage girl, who is young, creative, energetic and adventurous, like to try on new things, especially those cute, childish and colourful things. However, I'm still  wondering how did I finish the masterpiece above, but honestly, I like it. Don't need to mention the girl and guy in the collage, they are wonderful, LOL.... besides, the clip arts and everything else also very sharp and eye-catching.

I knew you had a few great birthday events, and the celebration in like never ending. Wish us to continue to the good trend in following years. Happy birthday, dear.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No fund... no fun liao ar...

It is a bit demoralizing to realize that the seminar that I'm eager to go is in the ice-box, or I should say freezer now. I was excited when someone said I need to go for this type of courses, to get professional certification, but now different story already, just after a few weeks.

I was thinking whether I should finance myself for this course, but seriously, it is not cheap if I pay, but it is only cheap when someone else pays. RM2000 for seminar/classes and RM850 for certification examination. I don't know what to do...

Really sien lor....


Monday, September 20, 2010

Magical Berbatov

Final score: Manchester United 3 - 2 Liverpool.

Berbatov seals the victory of Manchester United against Liverpool with a clinical hat trick in Old Trafford. Although the United defense seems to miss out another 2 points at home, but Berbatov raised on top of Jamie Carrager to head the ball pass Pepe Reina.

The second goal could be one of the best goal in the season, with a sublime overhead kick, 1st touch to stop the ball, and the 2nd touch to finish. Clean and clinical. The first goal was headed into the due to poor marking from Fernando Torres during Ryan Gigg's corner.

Well done, Berbatov. Hope to see more goals from you.

Hail, Berba...


Saturday, September 18, 2010





Thursday, September 16, 2010

A trip to Gurney Plaza

I have been told by ManQing that we have not been to Gurney Plaza for the whole year until yesterday. Gurney Plaze is not a place for me, I'd say because I'm not a savvy consumer when I saw the word sales or the label with x number of percentage off each products. In fact, the most irresistible ones are food, I wonder how much I have spent for food only for the whole year.

First we had out breakfast or brunch in Suhsi King, The Koi and Sakae Sushi did not want to open early to do our business, so boh huat laa.... Then, MQ spent quite some time in Padini concept store, a place with expensive and cheap things. Got my gift in there, I accept it because still in Mega Sales, price cut down 50-70%. Then we went our own ways, MQ went to Nichii and I went to sports attire shops, at last I have got my Adidas running shorts, but no discount, a bit painful, but it will surely live up to its RM80 price tag.

After ding dong ding dong, then we went to G Hotel to redeem or spend the cash voucher. Wow, it is a nice place to just sit down with lover, family or friends. I think we got ourselves a banana shake or what, taste not so good. I'm tempted to relate to things that looks good, not necessary taste good, or it is really good. Anyway, we went to don't know what name Gelato shop to get the mint and strawberries gelato. Nah... its below average, I would say. No next time if there are better options.

Then, headed to Loccitane, not sure what is the correct spelling, to buy her something, not sure whether it is moisturizer. Woo... not cheap, man. Anyway, just hope that it is always effective as she claimed.

Don't want to mention about the long queue in Penang Bridge due to power cables was caught in fire. Sienz...


Monday, September 6, 2010



Friday, September 3, 2010

Good news on Friday? Sorry.... (Not again....)

The time line is revised again and again, I'm not sure about the sum, I guess it is not going to be any better. Everyone is very nervous to get to know what is the fruit of the hard effort being put in for the whole 12 months. The bureaucracy of the so called multinational corporation simply left most of the 'long time underpaid' employees stranded.

Many people are making a solid conclusion that there must be something wrong with this MNC. I agree. I might just see what would I get or I should say, entitled, before making a decision when to leave. It is a good place to work, but not a good place to work for.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I bought a pair of new shoes again? No..way...

I remembered that I've posted up a status in FB that sounds like this.

I thought I already gave up searching for a new pair of lightweight running shoes, because for those that I have surveyed, the price is crazy, ranging from RM300 over to RM4XX. I know that I'm not gonna spend that kind of money, at least not now, for a pair of shoes. Asics Phoenix, GT2150, are within my radar but the price just restricting me to dream further of having it or them (I wish).

Luckily, I went to the Pacific wholesale or clearance sales, whatever sales it is in Auto City, Juru. I saw one pair of Adidas running shoes, I tried it on, then I just walked away. I was struggling, to buy? not to buy? to buy? not to buy? I told ManQing that I saw the running shoes that is quite cheap. Then she said, let's go try it out again. Woohoo... I bet she has forgotten the FB status at that particular moment.

When I was in the room, or chamber I should say, because it is just a temporary room, and it is small. I saw people grabbing the shoes that I have eyed since I left a moment ago. I try both side of the shoes, they are lightweight running shoes, and it is Adidas, a reputable brand, from my point of view. I walked, and tried my best to feel the connection between myself and the shoes.

Finally, we established the connection, I'm the new owner of the shoes, not the store anymore, sorry. The whooping price tag did scare me a bit RM449.50. Kill me if I would buy a shoes for that price, just apply for this 6 months time frame :p Don't forget, it is still Mega Sales period by that time, and I only paid half of the price. I think I have got myself a real bargain.

Some people might think I have too many shoes, yes, I do have a lot of shoes, but running shoes is just the 2nd pair in 3 months time, and the 3rd pair in almost 3 years time... not so bad eh?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Reading Habit

I guess I have been addicted to reading ebook for quite some time already, but I really prefer to hold a book on my hands. However, it is just impossible that I would spend the money to get all the books that I like, or prefer to read. I believe reading is one kind of self improvement habit, or I called it self education, to pave the way to success.

Unfortunately, too many books, too little time. I would want to read more, know more, apply more, contribute more, love more... I would carry the reading habit as long as I could.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Taiping Heritage Run 2010

Met a few Seagators in Taiping Heritage Run 2010 recently... Eunice and Lay See. I was wearing the striking green colour singlet, and Lay See was in pink shirt and cap. The singlet was not suitable for run, probably the size is slightly bigger than by body, and tends to drop from my shoulder during the run, luckily I chose to ignore it. :P

A photo of 3 little kittens in Esplanade, Taiping.

It was a nice run, managed to finish the 15km race in 1 hour and 15 minutes, that's unbelievable, approximately 5 minutes per km, but the after race was suffering. At least, I achieved my goal to get at least a medal (for first 200 runners in men open category), 81st place, not bad laa...

A finishing shots with Lay See. (She did a few marathons already O.O!!!)

Really thanks to Man Qing (my dear girlfriend) for accompanying to the run, taking nice photos, although did not get the finishing line shot. Never mind, we have more races to come, meaning that we have more place to visit next time.... hurray. Love ya...

Friday, July 30, 2010

Fattening Brown Belt Week

It  has been a fattening week after the Taiping Heritage Run, because it was my brown belt training week for control phase, the final phase of the training. However, often after the training, the body weight usually out of control, because breakfast, lunch and even tea break is provided. If we are really hungry, we can scan the subsidize that company provides for extra food.

OMG, the food from the new chinese caterer is really good. The lunch that they have cooked for us is amazing, it is far far far better than the previous one, we were guessing whether the caterer is trying to give us some candy before the throat cutting price next round. We had 'koo lou yok', asam prawns, curry cuttlefish, fried chicken, sweet & sour chicken in those 4 days, not to mentioned that the chee cheong fun that I have missed during the first day of training.

The food simply too irresistible that I simply have to break my diet to take more, and more. Looks like I have to spend more time to get myself into the shape that I always wanted - that's about 2-3 kilos away, which is very difficult to cut down. I want to lose that flabby tummy.... and those extra flesh around my waist line. 1 kg in a month, camon....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back Sprain

It started to rain heavily as I was rushing towards my car to avoid getting my self sick. I'm prone to the 'a little' rain drops on my head. Unfortunately, I sprained my neck or back while bending my head to a lower position. It hurts. When the car hits the bump, it hurts. When the car is turning to left or right, it hurts. I think I need to see the 跌打shifu tonight, I cannot get the sweet and nice orientation even I tried hundreds of technique to correct it. (Don't try this at home, it is not advisable as you could make every thing worse!)

Then, I simply have to come to work. As I stopped at the pedestrian crossing traffic light in front of SMKBM, it turns to red, I was scanning for any movement from both the ends to see whether there is someone crossing. I guess there is an idea crossed my mind to beat the red light, as I supposed there is no one crossing in such a bad weather. I stopped 'chun chun' on the line, and another car also stopped beside my car, with ample space in between.

A car was speeding from behind, and it tried to go in between my car and the next one, however the driver made an emergency stop but scratched the Toyota Vios next to my car. I guess he saw the pedestrian, an old man with umbrella at the last minute. It was a relief for the old man, I guess, and myself, because it did not knock the old man down, and my car, of course.

Ladies and gentlemen... drivers, riders and pedestrians, please be careful whenever you are on the road or off the road.


Friday, July 23, 2010


It is not surprising that our own mind complicates simple things, due to the way we solve problems every day, our daily behavior, our skepticism, and the inability to see something in a simpler and bigger picture.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

June 2010

It is not the right time to wrap up for June yet but it is good to see what changes will take place in the sixth month of 2010. I would not say that June is a busy month, since I find myself not in an easy mode for quite some time already. Many things come up, or waiting to come up; the expected ones, and also the unexpected ones, many changes has to be done.

A few significant steps has been taken, some are considered positive steps, while certain step proven that I'm still immature and desperate to put something in correct perspective.

Hopefully, everything going to turn into my favour, sooner or later.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dirty Windows

An elderly couple pulled into a full service petrol station and the attendant asked the gentleman driver if he wanted the wind shield and windows wash. "Certainly" he replied.

The elderly man looked at the windows after they were washed and thought. "It's pretty dirty and I'm going to ask him to wash again."

At the moment, the wife reached over and grabbed the eyeglasses from off her husband's face, wiped them clean and put back on his face, resulting her husband eventually saying "The windows look great!"

hmmm... what do you think?

Attitude is your state of mind, or that looking glass through which you see the world. If the glass is dirty, you will interpret everything accordingly.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"I would like to try again" x n times

I guess this would be the most popular web site second to facebook since 12.00am, 18 May 2010. People are rushing into AirAsia server to grab the free seats offered, but it is very difficult to get in. Probably there is only 18 holes for 1800 golfers.

I have clicked the "I would like to try again" for "N" times but still prompts me the same page. Wow, the AirAsia slogan "Now everyone can fly" really makes people crazy to fly for the lowest possible cost. Lets hope that there is still some vacancies left unnoticed.

LOL... good nite, everyone.


Saturday, May 15, 2010






  1. 韩国球员那么强壮坚韧,是不是时常吃人参啊?
  2. 大马的球员什么时候可以变得像她们一样?

Friday, May 14, 2010







Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thomas Cup Early Upset

Malaysian team has successfully lost to Japan 3-2 in group stage, and placing them among the traditional strong badminton nations, including China, Denmark, and Korea as potential opponents. I was so excited to stop working and rush home to watch how Lee Chong Wei plays against Kenichi Tago, whom he beats in a controversy way in All England final by a wrong line call. This time, back to home ground, LCW did not give Tago any chances to dominate the play, in fact he was dominating Tago, and Tago seemed had lost his way when LCW took the lead, it was a piece of cake for LCW.

Back to the 2nd match, the first men double. Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong were outstanding, although Boon Heong was a bit out of the form in the 2nd game. It was a considerably easy game for the Malaysian. I'm very glad that they have proved their ability to play in the high profile tournament like Thomas Cup. I wish they can continue to perform, regardless of the Malaysia team's progress in this tournament.

After talking about the good points. Here comes the bad ones. The 2nd single player, Wong Choong Hann is aging and stamina seems to have taken toll on him. His finishing is not that good anymore and, I can say he is error prone, due to the physical condition. I was hoping that Malaysia team can easily cruise to 3-0 up, counting on Wong's experience in this tournament. Unfortunately, it does not materialize.

The 2nd men double and 3rd single for the line up are flops. I did not watch the entire match of the 2nd double, but by looking at the score, it is pathetic. It is angry that I witnessed the loss of Malaysia without a true fight. They seem like not ready for Thomas Cup, but just for a routine training sparring game with players from different country, it is not even like an exhibition match. So sad...

However, the loss to Japan is not the end of the world, I hope the Thomas Cup players can pick themselves up quickly enough, and prepare themselves for the brutal showdown against Denmark. Everyone needs to give 100%, not to let down the Malaysian supporters that always behind our badminton team. Don't take any single point for granted. Malaysia Boleh.... come on....

Monday, May 10, 2010






yeah yeah~~

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


老师说: 如果人类还继续执迷不悟,变得更加愚痴,世界的灾难会更多。贪,嗔,痴,难道会为令这个世界频临灭亡?










Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It has been a while

It has been a while that I step into the gymnasium to keep myself fit. At least it was a few weeks ago before I went to Guilin. At least it was a few weeks ago when I got injured in a Saturday futsal game. At least it was quite some time ago that I can't remember how long exactly I have been missing the weekly gym activities.

In order to boost up my stamina, I have always like to do the cardio. I ran for 20 minutes, 3.4km and burned out 260 kcal, theoretically. Now, after 10 hours, I finally feel it at my tights. Besides, I have done some sit ups that simulates the football heading style to shape my abs, it has been ugly for quite some time already, 3 years or more, maybe. The work out isn't killing me but the lack of fun of it does, maybe I should try to make it more interesting.

What I like the most about the gym session is after-gym time. The shower in my company is amazing. The water pressure is good, the water temperature can be adjusted until nice, the different shower head gives you different pleasure under the water. I wish my home have one like that.

Maybe I should write that down so that I know what to do when I have one shower at my home next time. The criteria is high water pressure, adjustable temperature with mixing capability, interchangeable shower heads, and a tempered glass wall (wow....).

Enough, I should go to brown belt training now. :p

Monday, April 26, 2010

ESD Talk

老板说VP要他准备一天的ESD Talk / Seminar给所有的Directors, Managers, 还有Technicians。时间是下个星期的某一天。他是想要我为他准备资料呢?还是要我conduct这一课呢?老板说需要一天,我能讲说那么久吗?


好像没有时间che kong了,加油吧!

Saturday, April 24, 2010











Tuesday, April 20, 2010



很有意思的一句話!形容的很貼切不 是嗎,在台灣大家都只忙著工作賺錢,忘了工作原先的旨意;反觀國外,大家努力工作也努力享受工作帶來的成就感及所提供的生活品質。
不要把一生賣給公司,留給家人的卻 是破銅爛鐵!
(德儀Texas Instrument亞洲區總裁)之口訣:以健康為中 心,瀟灑一點,糊塗一點,功勞是老闆的,錢財是子女的,官爵是一時的,只有身體是自己的,「不要把一生心血精華賣給公司,留給家人的 卻是破銅爛鐵」。
維豐在新竹科學園區上班,每天不管 工作到幾點,他一定開車回台北的家,每個人聽了都好羨慕他們夫妻如此恩愛。季擇聽了這種事,頗不以為然,說他每天雖然應酬到很晚,一定回家睡覺,他 也是先生, 怎麼沒人讚美他?
鼓勵做老公做爸爸的男人回家,是一 樁推行很久的運動,有些男人就把「回家」當作指標,但他卻忘了,他的心有沒有一起跟著回家。
曾經在美國住過一陣子,他們的社區 裡,每到下班時間,就看到一家家的先生開車回來後可沒閒著,衣服一脫換上工作服,不是除草修自行車,就是遛狗整理庭院。夜幕低垂,全 家一起看電視,很早就 上床睡覺,很少人會去喝酒應酬。週末假日,不是在院子裡除草、烤肉,或在車庫辦個小型舊物拍賣,就是全家出門旅行。他們回家,是把心 和身和愛,都一起放在 家裡。

反觀我們這兒,賣命加班、努力應 酬、拚命喝酒、用勁唱歌,把實驗室當家、把PUB當家、把朋友家當家,你的家只是摸 黑回去了,管他是沙發是地板是浴室,倒頭就睡。醒來迷迷糊糊的,梳洗一番又去上班了,沒跟太太說上一句話,沒跟孩子打過一個照面,搞 不好跑錯人家,你都不 知道。


※每週最多一晚去應酬。不管是談生意,跟朋友 聊天,或是跟主管籠絡感情,一週最少一次,其餘時間應該留給伴侶談話,和孩子聊天,跟家人建立感情。

※即使晚歸,也要清醒。醉酒開車要重 罰,真是一大福音,至少大家都不敢在夜裡喝了,最好是連計程車也拒載酒醉之人說不定能挽救不少形同陌路的婚姻。因為沒喝酒,回 到家,至少 還能清醒的跟家人說說話。

回家以後,不以自己會賺錢自 誇,照樣樂在家事中。 家事是全家人的事,在外奔波雖 然很辛苦,但是在家忙碌,也不輕省。互相體貼,付出愛心,隨手做家事。

不要把一生心血精華賣給公司, 留給家人的卻是破銅爛鐵。為公司賣命,贏得高薪與高職,確實很有成就感。但隨著你的退休被淘汰,這些都成過眼雲煙。
Be home with your heart.

看完這一封信,不知道你是否也 和我一樣有相同的感觸,我們每個人似乎都將工作的順位給顛倒了,總是工作第一、應酬第二,忽略了家庭的重要性。
甚至未婚的年輕男女,也許因為 過於賣命的工作,而失去了許多結交男女朋友的時間與機會,而已婚的男女,亦常常忽略了家人的重要性,不要以為結了婚就是保證,殊不知現在離婚率這們高,每五對夫妻,就有一對離婚。

也許我們都應該停下來想一想,我們 工作的目的是為了什麼?是為了改善目前的生活,讓家人過好日子呢?是為了要讓喜歡的人得到幸福而事先做好準備呢?

不要管任何人怎們想,真實的面對你 自己,正視你所要的是什麼,也許將腳步放慢點,你會發現我們要的不僅是為了賺很多錢,而是為了自己的理想在努力奮鬥為了實現對你所愛的人的承諾,沒有 什麼是不能捨得,因為有捨才有得。與你共勉之! 

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Sunday, April 11, 2010


本田vs通用,英特尔vs AMD,排在每组前面的这些赢家,于输家同行有什么区别?看到这里,我好想在后方再加上一组,WD vs 希捷。根据光明日报好商心,11/04/10,答案的一大部分可以在Hay集团的最新调研报告中找到;这份是《财富》排定年度全球最受尊敬公司榜的依据。




Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's another bad day

I was reluctant to write an article about the bad day, as I think it is going to last longer than I thought. Early in the morning, I cut the edge of my upper lip with the blazer while I was shaving. The cut was clean and not burning, until I saw the blooding flowing out. Luckily the platelet still can function well to stop the bleeding, it is not that bad, huh?

Then, Hui Ming drove me to work as we used to be. Checking back all the emails is not a hassle anymore with the systematic inbox management. For all the emails that I don't want to read or those reminders that keep repeating, I just selected them, marked them as 'read' and move to archive. Suddenly the email list from close to hundred trimmed down to less than 20, only less than five that is work related. The worst email that I have read so far is the announcement made by  Stevie about promotion, compensation and focal. No promotion in this fiscal year, what the fuck!!!

It triggered me, for all this while I was waiting for something that never exist and it makes me wait. It was demotivating, it is like a beautiful dream and suddenly you fall down from high, hit your head, and serves as a reminder sounds 'Wake up, pig!!!'. However, I still kept an open mind to attend the staff meeting that held by my manager, and to my surprise when I brought up questions regarding the compensation, he told us that he did not read that email. What an effective manager, that always stressing about taking up more responsibility, life long learning, and move one step up.

I comforted myself for the answer given by another manager reporting to my direct manager. Issues to be brought up to engineering staff meeting on Thursday. I was thinking, this is not going to solve the problems. Suddenly the lyric from Jay Chou's song popped up... 我受够了等待,你所谓的安排…… what a sad song.

I have decided to update my resume in jobstreet, and for your information that particular web site is being blocked in my company, but there is a way to enter it. I logged in and took a look at my update time, it was March 2009. I told myself I need to get it done within this week and open myself for more opportunity.

It is bad, but I told myself when one door is closed, several will open. You just need to look and choose carefully.

Good luck, man...

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Monday, March 15, 2010




  1. 李宗伟在全英羽球公开赛勇夺桂冠,搔了七年无法登顶的痒。一个字,“爽”。虽然遭遇顽强的反抗,加上Line Judge的误判,缩短了他的征途,要不然结局很难预测。全马上上下下,老老少少都为他大气加油到一点,今天也该放假了吧!
  2. 曼联一肥一瘦连下三城,肥仔Rooney累积了32个进球。中坚铁卫归位,连续三场一球不漏,回来的正是时候。之后还要恭候红军和蓝调,很紧张。好让红魔粉丝歇一歇吧。
  3. 没有足球的周末,根本都不像周末。没有那种汗流浃背的满足感,没有那把龙门射穿的成就感,没有那被击败的失落感。星期一不该是工作天,应该吸取周末的足球精华,然后把星期一列成足球天。想到就爽。
  4. 周末的足球那么精彩,可以从晚上八点追到凌晨五六点。把那么精彩的球赛都编排在一起,那么星期一应该是睡觉天。星期一睡到十二点,然后踢球从一点踢到三点,回家睡觉,然后再从八点到十点,再回家睡觉。完美!!!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


今天来上班的目的好像只为了出席和Engineering Director的会议。在会议里,老板不在,我也不在……不在乎,还有不在状态。虽然战战兢兢的,嘴巴里的词句好像乱成了一团,虽然发现自己根本不在状态,但是我还是得把手上的工作完成,最少也把该汇报的都提了一下下。






Sunday, March 7, 2010

Movies Again

It is time to summarize the movies that I have watched from the beginning March 2010. I'm quite amazed that I watched a few movies without knowing how much time I already spent on movies, to be exact, movies downloaded from internet.

  1. [REC]^2

  2. 十月圍城

  3. 旺角監獄

  4. 風雲Ⅱ

  5. All About Steve

  6. The Lovely Bones

Still have many movies to watch... but many other things to do too...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why Some Men Have Dogs And Not Wives

I see this forward email and I think it is very cute, interesting and definitely true for some reasons. I like at least 50% of the statement below, but in real life I don't think people are going to practice number 10.

1.  The later you are, the more excited your dogs are to see you.

2. Dogs don't notice if you call them by another dog's name.

3. Dogs like it if you leave a lot of things on the floor.
4. A dog's parents never visit.

5. Dogs agree that you have to raise your voice to get  your point across.
6. You never have to wait for a dog; they're ready to go 24 hours a day.
7. Dogs find you amusing when you're drunk.
8. Dogs like to go hunting and fishing.

9. A dog will not wake you up at night to ask, "If I died, would you get another dog"??

10. If a dog has babies, you can put an ad in the paper and give them away..

11. A dog will let you put a studded collar on it without calling you a pervert.

12. If a dog smells another dog on you, they don't get mad. They just think it's interesting.
13. Dogs like to ride in the back of a pickup truck.
And last, but not least:
14. If a dog leaves, it won't take half of your stuff.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

10 Most Common Excuses for Not Changing

Justification for failure are sometimes well founded, 
sometimes imagined, 
but in either case, people use them to confirm their preexisting 
belief that their lives can’t get better. It gives them a reason to be 
discouraged—and not to try.

People resist change because they are afraid of the unknown.
Only when a situation becomes too painful are people motivated 
to make a change. Don’t wait for your life to become unbearable. 

1. I'm not educated
  • Change one thing: Change your communication style. Use more body language.
  • Dump one thing: Drop the idea that you need a degree or MBA to be successful.
  • Keep one thing: List out your strengths and hold on them
2. I don't speak so good
  • Change one thing: Practice your enunciation.
  • Keep one thing: Keep your accent, it reflects your personality.
  • Dump one thing: Don't try to pronounce difficult words. Use smaller words instead.
3. I don't have enough experience
  • Change one thing: Volunteer yourself to get more experience.
  • Dump one thing: Don't be afraid of trying something new because you have not done it before.
  • Keep one thing: Keep a record of your successful projects.
4. I'm too smart
  • Change one thing: Listen before you speak. Ask gentle questions.
  • Dump one thing: Stop taking credit for everything.
  • Keep one thing: Hang on to your self-confidence. Lead by example, not giving orders.
5. I'm unattractive
  • Change one thing: A little make up. Natural looking, face enhancing kind.
  • Dump one thing. Get rid of clothing that does not work for you. Throw them and don't look back.
  • Keep one thing. Find the one from your close that you feel good in it. Get different colours.
6. I was fired from my last job
  • Change one thing: Don't play victim, business is business. Leave with grace and with you head held high.
  • Keep one thing: Stay optimistic. Getting laid off is unpleasant, but it is not a death sentence.
  • Dump one thing: Never speak badly about your former employers, no matter how much you hate your job.
7. It is too late to try something new
  • Change one thing: More networking. Do it with someone you are comfortable with.
  • Dump one thing: Lose the idea of going for four/five networking events a week.
  • Keep one thing: Hold on to enthusiasm for what you are doing.
8. I'm too old
  • Change one thing: Change your hair style. Get a tailored suit.
  • Keep one thing: Keep your sense of humour.
  • Dump one thing: Stay away from the sun. Never wear toupee or do a comb-over.
9. The world is against me
  • Change one thing: Turn adversaries into allies.
  • Dump one thing: Get rid of the notion that you are in it alone.
  • Keep one thing: Keep the burning desire to succeed and stay on top of the game.
10. No one takes me seriously
  • Change one thing: Think before you speak. Pause in between.
  • Dump one thing: Stop fidgeting!
  • Keep one thing: Keep your personality.

It’s easier and less 
daunting if you make one small change at a time, rather than 
attempting a total overhaul down the road.

Source: Change One Thing - Anna Soo Wildermuth with Jodie Gould

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An Unsent Letter to AirAsia

Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm writing to you regarding a few surprise from AirAsia. I'm happy to share the followings with you.

  1. My name is Sushan (given by AirAsia), what a special name.

  2. Flight suspension? Should I  feel lucky because it is not being canceled on the spot?

    From 25 Mar 2010 onwards, KUL-KWL-KUL reduced from 7x weekly to 4x weekly. Thanks for the early notice.

    AirAsia still needs A LOT of improvement on Sales and Customer Service, other than keep expanding the routes and cutting them down some time later. Below is the announcement that I saw after double checking my booking yesterday. Like what auditors say, you'll something something new every time you visit the same place.

    I don't receive any SMS or call, should I assume that my trip is 'SAFE'?

  3. AirAsia website needs proper maintenance, serious.

    AirAsia announces flight suspension but the flight schedule still no up-to-date. KUL-KWL flight frequency is STILL daily. Valid till October 2010 some more...

    Website isn't there for marketing and sales purpose ONLY, seems like you just keep posting up all the offers and promotions that attract 'cheap flyers' like me. One hand, it is a bargain when I first buy it, on the other hand, I'm not sure whether I will be flying according to schedule or not.

    It's so annoying. You understand, right?

Your Sincerely,


Monday, February 22, 2010

PDRM Summons Status Update




Sunday, February 21, 2010





兜兜转转的,我们到了Taman Victoria。我可要告诉你这不是普通的住宅区,可以看见很多豪华的洋房,很阔的空地,富丽堂皇的装饰,太棒了。客厅没有42寸的LCD电视,却有很多的古董摆设,还有一个Mini Home Theater,太赞了!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feb Movie Marathon

The movie marathon is actually keep going, but my blogging pace is just forever lagging behind. Here, I just list a few movies that I have finished watching. Some are downloaded movies and some are those from the TV. Looks like there are many Singapore movies leh.... Malaysia movies leh? Where are you?

  1. Surrogates

  2. Are You Scared 2

  3. 刺陵

  4. 同門

  5. 叶问

  6. 钱不够用2

  7. 老师嫁老大

  8. 我在政府部门的日子

---wow wow wow---

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还记得这是我们在Gem Island的杰作,制作过程保密!哈哈!最近你爱上了某个软件,时不时就用它来“过日子”,可见你花了不少时间和心思在练习,才“修”成正果。




Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feb Movie Marathon - Jennifer's Body

Obsession of Megan Fox continues until you watch this breakthrough. Can you imagine sexy Megan covered with blood all over her body, vomit some super disgusting black tar like things out from the mouth? However, there is one thing that I have to agree, she's evil, she is evilly beautiful and sexy, and not just high school evil.

The story is about Jennifer (Megan Fox) being killed by a boy band singer, and sold her body to the devil. She just came alive after being stabbed several times, and she needs to feed on human flesh to fill her stomach and stay young. Jennifer seduces high school boys with her sexy figure, set them up and eat them.

What is the mistake that she did is she picked the wrong guy, who is Nitty's (her best friend) boyfriend. She ate him, and Nitty gets mad, lost control and killed Jennifer. She was bitten by the demon, she was sent into the cell, but she changed totally after that. Watch to find out more.

For me, this movie got picked just because of Megan Fox only, but you can take some positive from this movie as Megan Fox is good at being a demon as well.

Rating: 3.5/5

Feb Movie Marathon - The Goods Live Hard Sell Hard

If you are a car salesman, it probably good for you to watch this movie. It is about a group of car salesmen that business owner employs to boost up the car sales or to rescue the business. It is more like a comedy to me because you can watch a lot of stupid stuff in this movie, including dildos falling down from the sky, smoking in the aeroplane, many ridiculous selling techniques, a 10 year old boy with age 30 look, and so on.

I just enjoy the movie as it does not require much of comprehension, you just watch, laugh and can totally forget about it later. One of the lesson that I have take away from this movie is when you want to sell something, you need to visualize the scene to your prospect, and convincing them from there.

Make them believe and you will get the sales.

Rating: 3/5

Friday, February 12, 2010


在苏州过了接近两个星期,还有之前吃了那么多的好料,现在终于有报应了。体重从去年十二月开始不受控制,从63.5公斤飙升到现在67公斤。能吃,真的是福啊!还可以发福 tim!



~ yes ~

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Feb Movie Marathon - The Perfect Getaway

A perfect getaway from the tedious working environment, who doesn't want that? Of course, everyone wants it, but a honeymoon to a place like Honolulu, Hawaii should be in everyone's top 10 travel destination list, but not with the psycho killer along.

The movie will surprise you as the way they make it that you will think that who is the killer? I know that there is a killer couple in Honolulu, but which couple? The movie is making a documentary of Honolulu, as you can see a beautiful waterfall with naked ladies (Oops, not boobs shown!), grand cliff, green mountain trail, and of course the ocean and the waves.

It took almost one hour or more to actually let you know who is the killer, most of the time they were just talking, and try to project false impression to you. Is this the trick to capture the attention? Not very good tactic though.

Rating: 3/5

Feb Movie Marathon - Zombieland

Just need to clear my list, so I have to choose those movies that ManQing least preferred to be on top of my -to-go list. Zombieland, of course it is about Zombie. Coincidentally, the world seems like being occupied by dead people (Zombie) rather than human being, if not mistaken I just saw 5 human from the beginning to the end.

There is a sissy guy that make rules for himself in order to survive. Rule 1: Cardio. Run a lot, those overweight  people tends to be running slower, and seems to be easy target for Zombie. Rule 2: Double tap. If you are not sure whether the Zombie is dead after the first shot, don't keep the bullet for after life, put another 1 thru its head. Many funny and meaningful rules you can see, it is a quite interesting movie and not as horror as those hardcore Zombie-movie-maker.

If you like to see the zombie's head being blow out, this is the movie. In fact, I like one character that kills zombie like eating peanuts. I have that resident evil kind of feeling. Exciting.

Rating: 3/5