Friday, July 30, 2010

Fattening Brown Belt Week

It  has been a fattening week after the Taiping Heritage Run, because it was my brown belt training week for control phase, the final phase of the training. However, often after the training, the body weight usually out of control, because breakfast, lunch and even tea break is provided. If we are really hungry, we can scan the subsidize that company provides for extra food.

OMG, the food from the new chinese caterer is really good. The lunch that they have cooked for us is amazing, it is far far far better than the previous one, we were guessing whether the caterer is trying to give us some candy before the throat cutting price next round. We had 'koo lou yok', asam prawns, curry cuttlefish, fried chicken, sweet & sour chicken in those 4 days, not to mentioned that the chee cheong fun that I have missed during the first day of training.

The food simply too irresistible that I simply have to break my diet to take more, and more. Looks like I have to spend more time to get myself into the shape that I always wanted - that's about 2-3 kilos away, which is very difficult to cut down. I want to lose that flabby tummy.... and those extra flesh around my waist line. 1 kg in a month, camon....

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