Thursday, June 28, 2012

SCKLM 2012 - Finisher Photo

Marathon Photos has released the photos of participants crossing the finishing line. If you cannot find your photo in the volunteering photographer's albums, maybe you want to bump your luck here. Of course if you want to the digital copy WITHOUT watermark, you need to pay for it in SGD.

Just a quick view, select the Event Name from the date below or just type '2012 KL Marathon' at the 'Find your race' column. Then, type your name or bib number, it will automatically search for related information if you have entered correctly.

Search result of my own....

If you want to buy it, you could customize it, crop it and choose the template you like, with the event name and your proud finishing time. Sample as below:

Here is the link if you miss it:

Have fun.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Race Report - Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon

Event: Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2012
Date: 24 June 2012
Location: Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Distance: 42.195km (41.96km)
Registration Fee: RM63 (Men Open)
Gears: Adizero Aegis, Garmin Forerunner 405
Starting Time: 4.30am
Running Time: 04:04:59
Pace: 5:50 min/km

It was a packed weekend, I waited for Woei Jye for him to be eliminated from the quarter final of Seagate Futsal Tournament 2012. I spent a few hours there watching futsal, yelling, supporting and even instructing some of the players, I wonder who did entertain me? I did not play futsal for quite some time already, could not find enough players, what a LAME excuse but I also have to attend CQE for the many many Saturdays to come. Kicked the ball carefully with my Asics DS-Trainer, because it is not made for this purpose, don't want to risk losing it too soon. It is damn expensive shoes.

We took off from Auto City around 3 something in the afternoon, had to have the McD lunch in the car, then all the way to Kuala Lumpur. The haze actually improved from northern Malaysia to Ipoh, Tapah, Rawang, then Kuala Lumpur. It was the best blue sky that I had ever seen in weeks.

Switched on the Waze (iPhone Apps) to navigate us to Kasturi Walk and it almost drove us crazy with its 'moody' instructions. Luckily, after twist and turn, we got to the Kasturi Walk @ Jalan Hang Kasturi. We saw GEO Hotel but there was no sign of our pre-booked Palmmers Guest House. It must be somewhere. Not a good idea to search while driving so we bought a sleep spot (parking bay) for my car under GEO Hotel that cost me RM15 per entry. Wow.... my bed in the dorm only cost me RM20 only. What the hell...

WJ called the guest house and we were able to find it as soon as we saw the CIMB Bank. Put everything in order and it was already quarter past 7:30pm. We got out to makan or in fancy phrase 'carbo-loading'. Since my stomach was not in good condition, I just took a few drinks and one wantan mee. Taken much less food compared to Hatyai Marathon.  Then, we walked around Petaling Street and balik tidur.

At 3:00am, my alarm rang and WJ was awakened as well. I tried not to make as much noise as I could because I know there was on Japanese guy sleeping below me, on the double-decker. Some how, the strange annoying noise from the aging double-decker just could not stop. I could not do much thing about it as well. WJ and I had breakfast at the pantry area, he had a pretty handsome breakie, just chocolate laa.... a few bananas and Milo (how he could shovel everything into his stomach?!!! he was just doing 21k) but I was too worry about my stomach, so just a few chocolate cookies and one 3-in-1 Nescafe + Milo. Of course, we spent some time applying Sloan and Counterpain as well. Not forget to mention, I cleared my bowel twice after the breakfast.

Watched Spain vs France for a few minutes while putting on my socks and we were set to go at 4.00am. We were not familiar with the road to Dataran Merdeka and we just follow what the Palmmers caretaker told us. Luckily we bumped into other participants and we just tailed them. It was really not far away, I would say like a few hundred meters from the guest house. hmm... can KIV for future races.

As we were walking from one end to the other end, to make it to the starting line, I meet Dan who was already inside the barricaded area, did not see other familiar faces, or I was too nervous because I was still worrying that my stomach would give me problems during the race.

WJ helped Dan and I took a few photos (LLC gang) and also with Dan's friends, Dr.Tham. Did not get chance to know him well but I', sure we will meet again. Dan was talking about strategy and target for this race, he suggested that negative split is what he wanted. I echoed. He asked about my target time, actually I hesitated to answer but I told him "4:15". Dr.Tham asked me the same question, of course I gave the same answer. By that time, I've programmed my mind on the 4:15. Dr.Tham was planning to do 5:20 until km-30, wow.... I could not afford that since the incident I had in Hatyai.

The race started at 4:32 (my Garmin time) and we wish each other good luck. It was like a carnival, many full marathon participants, of course it made everything harder to overtake or maintain the pace. I tried to follow my race plan to do 6:00 to 6:15 pace for the first few km. I guess the traumatic nightmare really taught me a lesson.


Without any sign, I found myself doing sub-6 in km-2 and 3 already and I had to consciously slow myself down so that I can reserve some energy for km-25 to km-35, the route that I think I could put myself in faster pace and make up the buffer for the killer elevations at km-36 onwards.

Dan came from behind and told me that it is very seldom to see my so discipline in this pace at this time, I think that was only km-5 or so. Actually I had the urge to go faster but I just want to execute the race plan. We paced for a while before he left to fill up his bottle and I went off at km-8. Crossed the 10km mark at 57min50sec, not bad, not too fast, not too slow.

I thought I should conserve more energy for km-25 to km-34 but since the route seems easy, I let myself went to higher but comfortable pace and crossed the 20km mark in 1:54. The first single negative split, I took the positives and moved on. Luckily there was no alarm from my stomach.

I was looking for banana but I did not see it, I thought it should be around km-20 or 21, but I was told later that it was at km-16. (I'm confused but whatever... I survived) I took one power gel to ensure that I have the power to move on in km-25 onwards. Although I want to tie every km with the road/street name but I just don't familiar with KL routes.

I remembered correctly that power gel would be distributed in km-30 so I hang on. I tried to execute the race plan to buy myself time for the last 7km but it seemed to be lack of something, maybe the bananas. Besides, the hilly route was killing me softly and repeatedly, I thought the km-25 to km-34 should be flat? but it turned out to be not exactly flat. Maybe it was flat but I was the one that was drained out, I'm not sure.

By km-30, power gel was the life savior. The volunteer told the participants that all packaged was opened and I sucked on one end and there was nothing. I looked at it and pressed it, it leaked from the bottom, why there is no one telling me that it was opened at the bottom? or the orientation that it was passed to me was incorrect? Wasted a little gel, I quickly sucked on it like I had not been eating for weeks. Mentally, I sucked it but I did not feel the energy physically how sad.

However, I was telling myself and congratulating myself for completing the km-30 without cramps. After that, it was like walking on thin ice, I could feel something in happening or building up slowly on my tights. I had to run carefully, not to trigger that monster. I was hesitant whether I should go thru the water shower which I did eventually, luckily nothing happen.

At km-35, I knew I had hills to climb, I still remember how I suffered badly during my SCKLM 2011. I gobbled down the second and final power gel that in my Nathan Trek. Still... I felt nothing, maybe the tiredness had kicked in and the gel was too late to help. I checked my Garmin 405, 3:20 at km-35. Automatic calculation done inside my head telling me that it was possible to do 7km x < 6 min pace.

It was like an adrenaline injection, I started to climb the hilly route with small strides and higher cadence, because the monster was still inside my tight. I managed to hold on until km-37, the monster had been awaken, the brutal cramp kicked in again. I had to stopped before it turned worse and did some stretching to relieve the tightness. Time flies and I just managed to walk for a few hundred meters again before I started to run again, you can see that my pace dropped to 7min+ in the Garmin data, sigh.... At that time, my eyesight was like a flash gun, everything in front of me was like flashing (not a good sign but nothing serious as well.) I know the sub-4 was no loner exist once I stopped to walk, but I still can do the best that I could.

Once I saw the medical tent, I just called them even I ran in walking pace past them "medic medic" and I pointed at my tight and asked them to spray on it. Good news, there was medic team. Bad news, sprays does not help cramps. At km-40, the slope U-turn, I made it and on the way down, I asked for spray again, I just hope that it will work the magic.

At that point of time, I was taking 1 km at a time. The full marathoners joined all the runners from other categories. I had to run zig-zag to avoid collision with slower runners. I hate that, I hope that they can make way for full marathoners... but they pay for it as well... what can I say? I had to run zig-zag some times to maintain the pace because I'm not sure what would happen if I slow down.

I could hear the crowd cheering, I heard people yelling Batu Kawan runners... I took down my eyewears, held my arms high for the photographers by Kwang Leng, LLC yellow captain. Then, I increase my pace ran towards the finishing line and crossed it at 4:04:59 (my Garmin time). I was delighted although I did not make a sub-4. It is another PB for me, in this difficult route with many killer slopes. WJ took a few photos for me and I walked to collect my finisher-T and finisher medal.

Then, it was all about taking photographs  :P

My Race Summary:
  • Starting slow help me to complete the race in strong mode, but not entirely strong because still suffering from mild cramps on the hills.
  • Full marathon stretched target of sub-4:15 is achieved in SCKLM 2012 in 4:05.
  • Stretched myself a little bit over or very much over, because my tights are killing me now. My ankles are painful too. My body was not trained for this hilly route + target time. (Will talk about this in a post later on)
  • Ran the last 12km with my mind rather than using the body.
  • Worn the HRM for the first time in full marathon as precaution but never look at it because I think my heart was doing well during the race.
You can review my Garmin Connect data here or

Race Review:

  • Nice crowd control by separating the participant in different starting point and time.
  • Plenty of water stations and a lot of isotonic water, bananas (although I did not see it) and power gel.
  • Dedicated finishing lane for full marathoners. Smooth finisher T and medal distribution.
  • Many helpful St.John members, running towards runners just to spray.
  • Good race information provided in booklet. Great baggage deposit as well.
  • No ice-cold sponge at the sponge station, could have done it without much hassle. 
  • No gold medal for full marathon finishers. I think all the full marathon event organizers shall consider this because it is not easy to do a FM. (Maybe I'm barking at the wrong door, but a GOLD medal is good to have :P)
  • Slow paramedic. I saw one uncle falling down and people were shouting for medic but it took 8-10 minutes (rough estimation) for the paramedic to help. (I think should send them to train for at least HM as well)
  • Late announcement of the shuttle service. If the announcement or decision could be reached earlier during the race registration (not until days to race day), many runners could have arrange for better transportation method. Greener environment.
I was talking to WJ about how long is 42km?! 21km is good, I could go faster and finish faster, but sometimes we just want to take things to the higher level. Let's see what I will do next year at SCKLM 2013.

Until then, bye.

++Well Done++

Sunday, June 24, 2012

SCKLM Live Tracking

SCKLM 2012 has done very well to include many workshops, clinics and even create one Facebook application that allow your split timing to be auto-posted in Facebook when your tag has been read.

Below are my split tracking post in my FB. It is not an elite finishing time but it is my personal best at the moment. *Like.

That's it. I need to take a long rest before writing my race report, stretched myself a little bit over this time.

-well done-

Friday, June 22, 2012

Days before SCKLM 2012

Last minute packing.... again. Let myself fall into this trap again, with back to back events and the CQE course until the last minute before I leave Penang, temporarily, for Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon (SCKLM) 2012.

Last night, a few uni coursemates or we should call it alumni celebrated Siang Loon's birthday @ Sakae Sushi @ Queensbay Mall Penang. Seriously, the food is sub-standard, the sushi is worse than those in Sushi King, the alar carte meal is no where close to getting a 'satisfy' comment from me. Maybe I'm too mean but paying that much money for sub-standard Japanese food? No way....

Then, later in the afternoon, my teammates are going to have a durian feast. Hopefully I can share some of the durian photos in the next few posts.

I have to run some errand to post/ship the iPod Shuffle 2Gb (pink colour) that has been lost and found. It is still brand new because no one really use it. It just hidden in one corner without my notice for quite some time already. Posted up in 3 days ago with price tag of RM88 and I'm surprise that there is a lady who would offer RM150 for it. No crap.... I took the offer by snubbing another person who has reserved it a few hours before her. I'm sorry, but what can I do. The price is almost doubled, who would say 'NO....~!'?

In the evening, wifey and I will be heading home to have dinner and go to her friend's ROM. ROM stands for registration of marriage. She was busy with the ROM present last night and could not sleep well.... maybe she and I should learn to avoid last minute preparation and procrastination.

Then, I will have time to pack my necessities for SCKLM 2012. I have don't have the checklist yet... probably I will bring more things because I'll be driving there.

Tomorrow morning, I will need to attend CQE class again and skip the second half because I want to reach KL early and have a good rest. Most of my full marathons before this were packed with shopping, walking and sightseeing. I hope I could have more rest this time.

The haze really hampered the preparation for SCKLM but what can I do? I will try my best to stay strong and finish strong.

See you in SCKLM.

-good luck-

Monday, June 18, 2012

PBIM 2012 - CS head vs WJ head

WJ and I have had reached an agreement, a race based on full marathon race in Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) 2012. Based on the finishing time in Hatyai, his time was around 5:50 and mine was 4:30. He came up with a pretty creative way to have a 'side bet', not a fair 'side bet' but a handicap-ed side bet.

I'm not sure whether that is an English phrase or hok-glish, stands for hokkien-English. During our childhood time, we always play card games like Blackjack, Siam-ban lak (or Baccarat in multiplayer mode), etc during Chinese New Year. Normally there is a banker and several players. When someone is not happy enough or get enough 'adrenaline rush' from the duel between banker and himself, he could set up a 'head-to-head' betting which is independent from the banker, which means the cards of player A vs the cards of player B. Win or lose, player A and player B will settle among themselves. We, or I called it as 'side bet'.

Sorry for those readers that are reading this because it is a 'haram' or illegal activity. We were told we are going to be caught by the police officers if we do that, but we did that cautiously. Anyway, it was just an entertainment, I believe all the kids that were in the games are doing well right now, most of them are professionals and make a good living. I believe it is the good outcome of informal education by their parents and our parents. Period.

Back to the PBIM 2012 side bet, WJ is still buoyant because I paid for his full marathon registration fee because he managed to finish it. The deal was I'd pay for him if he finish full marathon with a finisher medal and finisher T. He did it, with respectable timing of 5:50. That's why he challenges me to put on another deal like below (in nested condition, just like how excel works):

If WJ time > CS time, then
  • If (WJ time - CS time) < 60 minutes, CS will pay WJ for a full body massage;
  • If (WJ time - CS time) > 60 minutes, WJ will pay CS for a full body massage;
If WJ time < CS time, then CS will pay WJ for a full body massage. (I hope this would not happen and I cannot let this happen~!!!!)

The stake is only < RM50 but more like a 'air muka' problem, but I just realized that 60 minutes equivalent to 10km in certain context, at least in my own context. I have a mountain to climb or a super tough imaginary opponent to beat.

I told WJ that if he wants to beat me, he has to do sub-5 and I believe he could do that given that there is so much time to train for it, just depends on how discipline and determine he is. I put my best estimation that he could finish in 4:45, so I have to do 3:45 (WTH.....)

This time, I really need to run fire already.

Don't think too much. Finish strong in SCKLM first, aim at <4:30.

+good luck+ 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Say 'No' to Self Doubt

Today, I have received an email from my mother. This is not the first one but the emails always come in the phrases like 'For your reading pleasure', 'Just a sharing', etc.... I never ask my mom who is the author of those articles but I guess it was from her boss, the general manager of one Japanese company in Penang.

Coincidentally, today's sharing is about the 'self doubt', 'self pity' or whatever negative emotion that stopping you from thinking positively. I am doubtful since the Hatyai International Marathon, the cramps really freak-ed me out. Imagine the feeling like multiple knife stabs into your tight and calf in 1 hour and 30 minutes. I started to doubt my own abilities and capabilities to finish another full  marathon in good shape. FYI, I only finished 1 out of 4 FM without walking, the one and only one was PBIM 2011.

After reading the articles, I find that it lifts me up a bit. I shall start to think positively, rather than putting so much pressure on finishing well above target, probably I should target finish in good shape, good timing is a bonus.

Dear all,

Murphy's law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Yes, anything can go wrong especially at times when nothing seems to go right and all things seem to go wrong. At such a time, we begin to question our abilities and our capabilities. This leads to self doubt which happens to be a very powerful detrimental deterrent factor when we want to make good our mistakes. The moment we let in self doubt, it will sabotage our performance and chase away any enthusiasm that we may have. When self doubt arises, we spend unproductive time nursing our wounds and indulging in self pity.

Instead of letting self doubt rule, when things go wrong, we should pour all our energy and concentration into planning, strategizing and preparing for a come back. Positive thinking should be the order of that crucial moment. We should squash self doubt the minute it surfaces to save precious time and energy. Constructive and positive thinking will bring us reconstruction and the right way ahead. Think and say to yourself: "I am the expert in my field. I have the capability, capacity, knowledge and the mental make-up for this task at hand or any obstacle that is lurking in my way."

With trust in our decision, take action with confidence and move forward to tackle the issue. When we are too worried of the many opinions along our way, we waver in our thoughts and our actions. We begin to fear mistakes, making us weak and unappreciative of the condition and situation of the case in point. When we are at such crossroads, banish self doubt. Let us ask whether we are leading our lives in a way where we could be proud of ourselves. This means  we must be able to appreciate ourselves first and by then, only will others be able to appreciate us.

Get to know our very strength, capability and inherent qualities for what we are. Only when we are appreciative of ourselves, do others begin to appreciate us. Thus, for today, let us appreciate ourselves even by learning from our own mistakes. Then, we shall do things, not just to please others, but to please ourselves first. This is the best possible way to banish self doubt and be on our way to success and accomplishment.

Let us quote from John Wooden, the basketball player and coach, who was famous for his short, simple inspirational messages.

John Robert Wooden John Wooden - , the American basketball great, nicknamed the "Wizard of Westwood  has this to say:

" Don't let what you can't do stop you from what you can do".

Have a wonderful weekend discarding worries and banishing self doubts. You will begin to think as a winner.
 Hopefully, everyone is benefited after reading this article. Good luck.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Traditional Outfit Ban in Malaysia Schools?

Please this article or news in The Star.

I never know that there is a ban like this in Malaysia. Maybe I studied in a SRJK(C) primary school and SMJK secondary school, I did not see any teachers wear cheongsam to school, but Punjabi was quite common among Indian teachers. I find it extremely ridiculous that there is something like this exists in a modern society in Malaysia, and it was gazetted by Ministry of Education Malaysia.

Well, I would think that the ministry could do much more better in this matter. Instead of banning teachers from doing what they are asked to do now, probably all the traditional costumes should be allowed? Perhaps, the Ministry of Education shall sit together with a teachers panel to discuss what is the proper dress code or guidelines on what to wear to school.

Just search for 'Cheogsam' or 'Punjabi' in Google. There are many design that could be allowed or to be tailored-made for Malaysia teacher from different ethnic and religion. Bottom line is the teachers are not wearing something that is 'menonjol mata' or to expose the 'aurat', I would consider it fine.

Anyway, seems like someone has finally stir this thing up and it would be great to see more teachers wearing traditional costumes of different ethnic to school, this could further support the 1Malaysia idea.

I'm will definitely support the scrap of traditional outfit ban.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Deep Dive - Hatyai International Marathon

Below is the deep dive of the failure to complete my first full marathon in 2012, which is the Hatyai International Marathon, race report is here. I finished the race in 4:30 but suffered from multiple severe crmaps from 30km onwards... too bad, so I need to know how much time I took complete the remaining km of the race.

It is an important answer to me.

The chart above shows that actually I did not follow my race plan at all. Started too fast, you can see that the actual pace (red) is below the plan pace (blue). Everything worked fine until km-30 which the severe cramps kicked in.

Significant pace drops was caused by the cramps that stopped me from running although I did tried my best to recover the run whenever possible.
From the comparison between the green colour (plan pace) and the yellow colour (actual pace), I took a really long, long, long time to complete the final 13.X km, which the total time taken adds up to be my PB time for 21km. Really lost too much time there, but I was glad and I still glad that I could finish the race in 4:30.

I was ahead of the race plan until km-30 which is shows in the Delta column in green colour fonts, then it is all red. If everything executed correctly, I could do a sub-4.15, which is my stretched goal target. I guess I have to really nail it during the SCKLM, but the challenge is the hilly course.

  1. More LSD up to 35k.
  2. Focus on hydration, including electrolyte replenishment.
  3. Don't start too fast.
Train for the next 2 weeks and set to go.

=good luck=

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Some Advice from Bart Yasso

3 Rules for Healthy Running:
  1. Don't run too fast. Run your long run 60-90 seconds slower than your marathon pace.
  2. Don't run too far. Increase total mileage not more than 10% per week. Cut back your mileage every 4 weeks.
  3. Don't run too often. Rest and recovery are part of the training plan.
The Long Run, The Right Way
  1. Run your long run slower than your marathon goal pace.
  2. Pick up a course that similar to the race course.
  3. Simulate your refueling and hydration plan.
Run Fast, Run Strong
  1. Always do 1-2 easy miles before speed work.
  2. Run your tempos at Marathon goal pace.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Race Report - Larian ASJC

Event: Larian Alor Setar Jogging Club (ASJC) 2012
Date:02 June 2012
Location: Alor Setar, Kedah
Distance: 22km (21.38km)
Registration Fee: RM20 (Men Open)
Gears: Adizero Aegis, Puma
Starting Time: 6.00am
Running Time: 02:35:47
Pace: 7:17 min/km

It was Friday night, I was waiting for Woei Jye to pick me up to Alor Setar for my first run in Kedah. It was going to be a happening weekend as most of the companies and factories were having Monday as replacement holiday since the Agung's birthday is on Saturday. Traffic was quite slow at 3 something in the afternoon when I came home, but everyone knows that long weekend means chaos on the bridge and that was exactly what happened.

Woei Jye left Seagate at 6pm and reached Auto City at 8.30pm, if I remember it correctly. I had to ask Wifey to send me to Auto City to wait for him as the traffic should have drained most energy from him, so WJ does not need to travel further into the town area.

After bidding farewell to wifey, WJ and I went to the Taman Sri Rambai hawker centre to have dinner, it was more to WJ's dinner because I did took my dinner before the meet up. The hawker centre was not as crowded or as merry as it was last time. I noticed some of the stall actually moved away from the hawker centre and it became like 'not-so-popular' place for hawker food anymore. I bet the curry mee still taste the same but the fish porridge that cost me RM5 was sub-standard.

It was a long drive to Alor Setar, traffic still observed at 10 something at night. After getting the bibs from WJ's friend, we finally can go home to take a rest. WJ parked his car and we walked around 50m to his house, typical wooden house (just like the house of my uncle that I visited quite frequently when I was small). After greeting his mother, I tried to observe everything common in my memories, including the ancient black round switch, the incandescent bulb, the water tank for shower, the food cabinet, etc. Wow... it has been years that I last visited my uncle's house before it was demolished.

Took a cold shower and went to bed.

Not sure whether I was sleeping too much in the afternoon or I could not get used to stranger's mattress, I was woke up by the alarm, but in 'tired' mode. WJ was awake as well. We ate some breakfast and I took the milo and bread that I bought last night, all set and we went to Alor Setar Mall, the starting line.

As soon as I got down from the car, I could hear the emcee announcing that the race will start in 10 minutes. I checked for some familiar faces and I saw many runners travel all the way from Penang for this race as well, there were Forward runners, Cari Runners, i-Runners, etc. I greeted Dan, Ewe Cheong, Eric, etc. I was excited but I could not feel the power coming up.

Soon, the race started, I was running blindly (without my Garmin Forerunner 405) because I offered it to WJ, so that he could really try it out and make a good decision on his purchase of his GPS watch. I was in the middle of the pack and tried to catch the leading pack, who has already opened up a great distance. I was chasing blindly because I was not sure how fast/slow I was running, maybe already over my race plan of 6 min pace for first few kms.

I saw Deo again, said 'Hi' to him, I bet that was still in the first km. I tried to run in a more economical way, wanted to cruise like what I did in Malakoff Penang but I found myself could not inject the pace to my legs. Strange ideas coming out from my mind, I checked my heart beat by simply putting my palm on the left side of my chest. The heart beat was fast and I felt I should listen to body, there's many many km's ahead. Hence, I stopped and took out my iPhone, that's the point that I had thrown my race away, which I am not regret at all.

So, my angel and demon race ended at the km-5. I was sweating profusely, not sure whether it was the humidity or my condition that sending me signal to stop. I was wet from my hair to toe, even my Adidas Adizero was totally wet. Something weird.

I began to snapped photos of those catching up from behind, like Ewe Cheong, Raja Uda Idol, Hu, Dan, etc. After enjoying photo shooting for a while I continued my run towards the end of the 'never-ending' 6-7km road. Upon turning into the Jambatan Tok Pasai, Eric, CKF, etc already made the U-turn and running in reverse direction.

I was in run/walk pace. Great opportunity to snap photos. I took some sweet time on the bridge, looking at the scene, breathing in the fresh air, etc, then I saw Ewe Cheong and Deo, took a couple of photos of them but I'm afraid that my unstable hand had produced a couple of failed photos. Then, I ran down to the U-turn point where Dan was chatting with one the uncle.

On the way back to the top of the bridge, I saw WJ coming from opposite direction so I wait for him, can help take photo of him and asked him to take for me as well :P The scene was really good, I even uploaded it to Facebook immediately it was taken. WJ told me that was 12.X km which I don't remember well. After that I continue to run as well, the absence of my Garmin and physical distance marker really demotivated me, because I was looking for some help, I was running like a tortoise.

Then, I saw a signboard, a Petronas petrol station is 1000m away. So, I ran in a slow pace until I saw it. Bought 2 Gatorade at RM4.80 and donated RM0.20. Coincidentally, WJ passed by and I handed him one bottle. It was a live-saving Gatorade because I was sweating a lot and was in need of hydration, isotonic hydration.

After that, WJ informed me the distance we have covered and he smoked me. I told him that I would chase after him.

I was not in a good condition, still 7-8 km to go, cannot imagine myself walking that distance, so I engaged myself into run in a slow and economy way again, managed to pass WJ but punctured after 3-4 km. Got into run/walk mode before entering a small lane to the bendang (paddy field) area.

The weather was OK, sun was shy and I enjoyed the greenery of the bendang. I just walked and took photos. Then, WJ came up from behind, we took some photos and he smoked me again. I helped to collect some dumped plastic cups on the way back to the finishing line. Just a little effort that I could contribute when I could not run :P

Finished the race in 02:35:47. The long time that I had ever clocked since 2010. It was a relief, I wanted to finish the race in complete mode and I have done it. Got the finisher medal :P as I was well within the 3 hours cut-off time.

My race summary:
  • Good exposure to back-to-back races within 7 days. This time was 42k + 21k. I need to complete 4-5 back to back in August and September.
  • Always listen to my body.
  • Got the taste of running slow again and it reminded me of the difficulty of running slow, the helplessness can be fatal :P
Race review:

  • Flat route except Jambatan Tok Pasai.
  • A lof of 100 Plus and bananas at the finishing line.
  • Got a certificate with name, bib and placing. Included in the RM20 registration fee.
  • Nice Kuala Kedah scenery on the bridge.
  • No isotonic drinks along the route.
  • Use nylon necklance instead of ribbon. Quite weird for me, I wrapped it on my wrist.
No Garmin data this time. You can refer to Woei Jye's here or

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Conditioning Stop

Actually I'm quite hesitant to show this because the weekly mileage logged is not something that is very impressive compared to those avid runners who can easily log 100km or more per week. However, it is something better than those who has yet to start.

Seriously, I'm still thinking about the terrible cramps I had in Hatyai International Marathon (Race report here), did it cause by salt depletion or lack of mileage? From the chart, it is clear that I did not log any long run (>30km) in 8 weeks before the event on week-22. So, I told myself to do something before the SCKLM because I just have 2-3 weeks left.

It was really something new that after running a full marathon and I join another running event/race again in 6 days time, which was the Alor Setar Jogging Club run (I'm yet to compile the race report :P). I will write about it in my next race report, but basically I was running in fatigue mode.

After logging the 21+km in the ASJC run, I pushed myself to do the LSD in less than 24 hours time, it really pushed my body to the limit although I was not pushing myself to the max, but I could feel the power is not there, muscles were like jelly after being asked to do another 6k on top of 13km. It was harsh on my body, so I spent most of the Sunday and Monday sleeping, and nursing the running nose. I guess it was the aftermath of over-training or accumulated fatigue - breakdown of my immune system.

I took this few days off as a conditioning stop, I will be idle today as well, because I want to be tip-top condition going into the long run this weekend and be more prepared in SCKLM. Probably I'll start with playing badminton tomorrow night.

I really hope to get better soon and become stronger to handle the higher mileage this weekend. POR for this weekend 30k or 35k, sunny or rain, I'll be there.

-Get Well Soon-