Thursday, June 28, 2012

SCKLM 2012 - Finisher Photo

Marathon Photos has released the photos of participants crossing the finishing line. If you cannot find your photo in the volunteering photographer's albums, maybe you want to bump your luck here. Of course if you want to the digital copy WITHOUT watermark, you need to pay for it in SGD.

Just a quick view, select the Event Name from the date below or just type '2012 KL Marathon' at the 'Find your race' column. Then, type your name or bib number, it will automatically search for related information if you have entered correctly.

Search result of my own....

If you want to buy it, you could customize it, crop it and choose the template you like, with the event name and your proud finishing time. Sample as below:

Here is the link if you miss it:

Have fun.


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