Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Conditioning Stop

Actually I'm quite hesitant to show this because the weekly mileage logged is not something that is very impressive compared to those avid runners who can easily log 100km or more per week. However, it is something better than those who has yet to start.

Seriously, I'm still thinking about the terrible cramps I had in Hatyai International Marathon (Race report here), did it cause by salt depletion or lack of mileage? From the chart, it is clear that I did not log any long run (>30km) in 8 weeks before the event on week-22. So, I told myself to do something before the SCKLM because I just have 2-3 weeks left.

It was really something new that after running a full marathon and I join another running event/race again in 6 days time, which was the Alor Setar Jogging Club run (I'm yet to compile the race report :P). I will write about it in my next race report, but basically I was running in fatigue mode.

After logging the 21+km in the ASJC run, I pushed myself to do the LSD in less than 24 hours time, it really pushed my body to the limit although I was not pushing myself to the max, but I could feel the power is not there, muscles were like jelly after being asked to do another 6k on top of 13km. It was harsh on my body, so I spent most of the Sunday and Monday sleeping, and nursing the running nose. I guess it was the aftermath of over-training or accumulated fatigue - breakdown of my immune system.

I took this few days off as a conditioning stop, I will be idle today as well, because I want to be tip-top condition going into the long run this weekend and be more prepared in SCKLM. Probably I'll start with playing badminton tomorrow night.

I really hope to get better soon and become stronger to handle the higher mileage this weekend. POR for this weekend 30k or 35k, sunny or rain, I'll be there.

-Get Well Soon-

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