Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Traditional Outfit Ban in Malaysia Schools?

Please this article or news in The Star.

I never know that there is a ban like this in Malaysia. Maybe I studied in a SRJK(C) primary school and SMJK secondary school, I did not see any teachers wear cheongsam to school, but Punjabi was quite common among Indian teachers. I find it extremely ridiculous that there is something like this exists in a modern society in Malaysia, and it was gazetted by Ministry of Education Malaysia.

Well, I would think that the ministry could do much more better in this matter. Instead of banning teachers from doing what they are asked to do now, probably all the traditional costumes should be allowed? Perhaps, the Ministry of Education shall sit together with a teachers panel to discuss what is the proper dress code or guidelines on what to wear to school.

Just search for 'Cheogsam' or 'Punjabi' in Google. There are many design that could be allowed or to be tailored-made for Malaysia teacher from different ethnic and religion. Bottom line is the teachers are not wearing something that is 'menonjol mata' or to expose the 'aurat', I would consider it fine.

Anyway, seems like someone has finally stir this thing up and it would be great to see more teachers wearing traditional costumes of different ethnic to school, this could further support the 1Malaysia idea.

I'm will definitely support the scrap of traditional outfit ban.


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