Monday, January 31, 2011

Injury again...

I guess I have to make one resolution which I hope not too late, I wish not to get injured during sports events, may it be playing football, futsal, or just running. I have much things to do, but it was very unfortunate that I injured my right ankle last Saturday, twisted? sprained? I guess both.

Now, I cannot walk properly, and I'm still very hesitate to move, I have over 2 stretches of new microscope and workstations to qualify, but I'm sitting here to write some stupid blog. Hope my boss does not see me doing this. LOL....

I want to settle my tasks. I want to go back now. I want to get well soon.

-speedy recovery-

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Expectation | Motivation

I reckon that, sometimes, you have to find your own motivation, you can look for inspiration from those whom you have the faith or trust in them. I was quite nervous for the start, but I know that I'm going to make the atmosphere ease or less tense for the new learners of physics.

As a person that people trust, I need to know their expectation or expectations. Below are 2 selected notes from my cute students. I'm delighted, and it helps me to teach better.

In fact, I like the clip arts on the papers. Gambate....

--- Every day is a good day ---

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Feng Shui & BaZi

Recently, I'm interested in BaZi analysis, that's the aftermath of attending the Joey Yap talk. I printed out my BaZi from his web site, not sure whether they are correct or not, but I take it as it is. I want to understand the science and physics behind, since it is called metaphysics.

I took a few days to explore as far as I can go, but I can tell that it is not an easy field. You need to read a lot of books, need to have experience, need calculation skills, need direction sense, and so on. Since I'm not really good in every field. I just use it as it is, it could be right, it could be wrong. Joey Yap is the Feng Shui Master that good in Feng Shui, BaZi, Astrology, MianXiang, etc, whereas I'm good in eating, idling and sleeping, how far I can go leh?

My dear is quite worry that I'll be obsessed with all this so called superstition that other experts called metaphysics. I'm not too worry about it, because I'm not going to spend my whole fortune on Feng Shui, and I just want to understand myself and probably, people around me. I heard this from Joey Yap, whether you believe it or not, Feng Shui exists. He said that BaZi can actually tell people more about himself, and let the people know, be alert of or conscious about the personality, characteristic, value that being diagnosed from the BaZi. The purpose of all this is to help people to change, to be a better person, so that you can have positive personality or value towards life and people around you. I totally agree with that.

Besides, he said that Feng Shui is only 33% out of everything. Feng Shui might pointed out that you would be rich, extremely wealthy in your life. Believe it or not, if you sit there and do nothing, do you believe that the fortune will fall from the sky, drop in front of you? No. It is a motivation, efforts must be put in. 努力未必会成功,但是成功离不开努力。It totally depend on you how you want to pursue your life. If another 33% is fate, I believe that the balance 34% is worth the fight and change.

Feng Shui is all about balance, between Yin and Yang. I believe there's always a balance, between people and people.

--- Every day is a great day ---

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sleep Debt

OMG.... my sleep debt is piling up so high, high until that I've lost calculate how many 90 minutes football matches that I can make, not a good news, not a proud record though. When I was grabbing a shirt in my wardrobe, suddenly I glanced into the mirror and found that there're a lot of acne or acne like thingys on my chest, and the skin texture, erm.... how to say... it's like 60 years-old, dull, wrinkling, and not well-moisturized. I was quick to dismiss the thought that all the signs actually telling me that my body age could be double or triple of my actual age. I need rest, I need a regular rest, I need a regular rest every day.

My eyes hardly opened. My body is tired. That's all the sign that I did not have enough rest or sleep. My legs still feeling the tiredness after the 10k run last night. Fitness level is not good, although I could make extra miles after all the training, but it would be nothing if I do not have enough rest, the body will not perform what it is being told or instructed to do.

I put a status on FB "人地话无甘大个头就唔好戴甘大顶帽。我个头不细,但系,个帽仲大 ". I guess that drew some attention from HuiMing, that made him to call me personally to ask me about the preparation for tuition classes that coming up. He knows I have tight schedules, even before I made the decision to teach, for the good of making extra income, probably to teach myself time management lessons through the hard ways. I appreciate what I've been to, and what I'm going to do, or face in the near future.

Seems like I was a bit OOT, :p 'out of topic'. The actual meaning for the status above is generally a reminder to myself --- you cannot have everything at the same time. Just like the chinese saying "鱼与熊掌,难以兼得". I have stacked a lot of things in 2011, and I continued to do so. I started to worry whether I can cope with everything after completing the registration of Standard Chartered KL Marathon, full marathon. Joining is not difficult at all, the problem is to complete it, and the worst or most challenging part is to complete it within my target. All this requires one thing >>> training, and other values will be challenged all the way in the race, including my own determination, persistence, courage, will power, physical limit and so on.

I start to feel the HEAT now, that's why I dragged myself to do the 10k run even I just had 4.5 hours sleep the day before.

Now, I have A, B, C,.... X, Y, Z on my plate. I need to prioritize, give more time to those that really can help me in my personal achievement, love, relationship, and health.Wish me all the best. Need to cut down some time spent on FB, for the good of company and myself.

Here we go again... I feel better after writing all this in the office.

--Everyday is a good day--

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Buy 'Great Day' Movie Tickets

Suddenly, I realize that I'm going to Gurney Plaza tomorrow and we can actually take the opportunity to watch 'Great Day', unfortunately, all tickets in Gurney GSC are sold out, I guess local movie still not very competent is getting enough slots for the screening. You know, Gurney always flooded with people, for shopping if not for watching movies.

I guess I just have to wait again, until coming Thursday to get a early bird movie tickets. Hmm... then I should book, no... I should buy the tickets on Tuesday. Looking forward to watch the movie.

All of the sudden, I think I should be working on my tuition notes as well, always doing things last minute is not going to my style this year on. Come one...

Remember to make appointment and buy tickets!!!!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


今天,myFM DJ们在阳光灿烂环节中讨论天天好天的首映。有一些演员的心得,看首映的心得,我还没看,只能听,只能期待,觉得这应该又是另一部好制作,本地制作,一定要看!




- Every day is a good day -

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Resolutions

It was a great 2010, but I hope for a better 2011, to reach another milestone, another height, and another stage of life. By writing it down, I hope I would be able to make sure that I can always refer back to what I have promised to myself and others. Let us start:

  1. Walk the talk. If I have hundreds of things to change, this needs to go first. I hope I can plan ahead, plan well, execute, manage and deliver.
  2. Be more financially savvy. It has been spending spree for quite some time. It is time to save more, invest more. Pick up the skills that I've had before.
  3. Hat-trick @ 28. House, wedding and honeymoon, argh.... all needs money. I really hope that I can make sure the house can up on time to be a sweet home. Wedding stuff, it has to go faster and further. Honeymoon, already bought the air tickets, then need more planning on the free & easy itinerary.
  4. Be a better negotiator. I think I have a big nose, and having the taurus zodiac, I tend to be taken to round the garden, without any objection, and end up as the losing side, financially. I need to stand firm and solid.
  5. Serious in running. For healthier lifestyle, better self-satisfaction, I want to be really fit, physically, mentally and emotionally. I want to be a sub-4.5hrs marathon runner, first run is the Sundown marathon, Singapore. Sub 2hrs half marathoner, and 45 min for 10k run. I want to skim the flesh at mu waistline too.
I think I should be able to update the resolutions or add new goals from time to time. Hopefully, by putting in effort, creativity and persistence, it would be great 2011.

Remind me of my resolutions if you see me, from time to time. I'll be very grateful. Hopefully you have a great 2011, too.