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Race Report - Merentas Desa Hari Buruh

Event: Merentas Desa Hari Buruh
Date: 06 May 2012
Location: Taman Sri Rambai, Bukit Mertajam. Penang
Distance: 9.0km (8.78km)
Registration Fee: RM10 (Men Open)
Gears: Adizero Aegis, Garmin Forerunner 405
Starting Time: 7.00am
Running Time: 00:40:12
Pace: 4:35 min/km

5:15am, I woke up from the bed. I wanted to have some time for the body to wake up as I have had experience that my body was in 'sleeping' state while I was in pounding the pavement at 6am in the morning. I took my sweet time, checking Facebook updates, made myself a cup of Milo and took a couple of cookies. I did a stupid interval on Thursday afternoon and it was taking some toll on my body, so I skipped workouts on Friday and Saturday, although I should have at least log 5km slow run.

It was going to rain and in fact, it rained around 5:30am and did not stop until end of the race. Before I drove to the race site, I said good bye to wifey and she did not forget to remind me to win 3rd placing for the race because I told her that it was a small scale race. However, I also reminded her that although the scale was small, some of the great runners will be there. I reached there quite early to get myself prepare although I would want to materialize my wifey's wish.

As soon as I saw those great runners turning up one by one, I knew that the chances of winning a trophy was slim because only the top-4 will get something. I saw Wong Jin Ji and Eric from i-Run, both very fast runners. I told myself what the hell, I will just go compete and run the best race that I could.

Oops, I forgot to mention that I made a decision to run strapless because that's how I ran before 2012, I did not track my HR, I did not track my speed, I did not track the distance. I just want to go run as fast as I could, as hard as I could, although I still wore my Garmin Forerunner 405 to collect data for post-mortem.

The race started late by 17 minutes instead of 7am because the organizer decided to wait for more runners because it was raining and some could be late. I did not blame them although I have to keep myself warm from 6:30am onwards, but they should have started race as scheduled.

Bang, the race was started by the countdown of 3, 2, 1...go. In the very first few seconds, I have to find the way out of the crowd, many participants really like to occupy the first few rows although they are not competitive. I was like bumping on uncles and auntie if my brake was not functioning. Or they just want to be on the photo?!

I'm quite familiar with the route because I grow up in Bukit Mertajam and still live here. My secondary school is just nearby. At the first turn like 30m away from the starting line, I could see the front pack already leading like 50m. Walao eh.... very fast.

I pushed myself a bit more, trying to close the gap because I was way back like 50 placings, that would dash my hope, or my wife's wish for the 3rd placing. I pushed and at the same time, tried to push harder, I did not look at my Garmin.

At km-2 or 3, I had managed to went past Eric near Dell and tried to maintain the pace, which I thought I could. There are 2 indian runners who in front of me, I managed to went past one at the somewhere near Dell as well and another one near Bukit Minyak turning point to Kota Permai.

Then, I set my sight on another 2 runners in front of me, their pace were quite the same as mine, hence it was very difficult to catch up with them. When running into Kota Permai, I was like losing steam, I can sense the pace drop although I did not check my pace. The Indian runner that has mobile water supply overtook me. I felt my whole body a.k.a. was overheating, although the sun was not shining brightly yet.

I felt I was going slower and slower and until I got back to Jalan Song Ban Kheng, Eric overtook me, I guess the consistent pace is always better. There is around 2.X km to go yet because I checked on the mileage counter when I drove over that morning.

Another veteran overtook me, I was thinking to stop because I knew that 3rd placing was not possible then, but that was against my principle so I ran as hard as I could, or as consistent as I could to get to the finishing point. By that time, Eric was 80-100m in front of me. There was no more energy for final dash, so I finished the race at 40m12s for 8.78km.

From the timing chart, pace vs distance, the pace was dropping from km-4 onwards, the blank area under the horizontal line 04:00 states that I was getting slower and slower.

From the splits record, it is very clear that the average pace drop as much as 40 seconds between km-3 and km-8. Too bad. Apart from all this, this was the best race that I ever had, with average pace of 4:35 min/km for 8km. I shall take the positives from this event and move on, again, work on the intervals, find the best breathing rhythm and gauge my own performance again during another 10k race.

Regarding the event:

1. Good running route, I would say it is quite flat, except some minor elevations.
2. Cheap registration fees. RM10 with a T-shirt and another 'rocket' T-shirt as souvenirs.
3. Free mineral water and bun after the race.
4. More than 10 lucky draws prizes, including electric boiler, iron and 3 bicycles.

1. Not many placing.
2. Race program not scheduled. Started late, not sure when is the prize award and lucky draw.

Lets focus of getting fit again for PJ Dawn 2012. I guess the heart was working very very hard during the 8.78km and I was like super tired after the race. Got a nap after breakfast, still tired. Got a nap before dinner, still tired. Wake up this morning, still tired.

Futsal tomorrow evening and maybe a 5k on Wednesday or Thursday and I ready to go.

-Well Done-

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