Thursday, May 3, 2012

SCKLM 2012 Route

I'm not sure whether SCKLM 2011 full marathon route is the same with SCKLM 2012 or not because I know nothing about the geography in Kuala Lumpur except following the crowd to the starting point since 2010.

Back in 2010, I was doing half marathon that year. I still remembered that my wife and I stayed at Yng Shan's place at SS2, that was Euro 2010 time. Soon Huat said he wanted to send me to take the shuttle bus but he fall asleep after watching the football match.

I had to wake Yan Xu (Yng Shan's hubby) up and sent me to 1-Utama to take the shuttle bus. I had a tough day, I forgot when was the last time I ran 21km, or the 25km in 2009 was the last >10km run that I did, which ended badly as well (I think the finishing time was 3hours+). Arghhhh.... I was naive. I was like dying after the 21km. That day when I was checking back some of the photos that I have, I saw the finishing line photo by marathon-photo. I looked fat, double chin and in bad shape.

In 2011, as the 2011-resolution spelled out, I need to do 3 full marathons. One of them is SCKLM 2011, my second marathon after the maiden marathon at Sundown Marathon, Singapore, which was around 1 month apart. It did not end well in Sundown as well, although I love to run at night or without the freaking hot sun keep roasting me. I did it in 5:44 and I was like walking like a zombie for 2 weeks post race. 

I want to congratulate myself again for getting myself to the starting point in 2011, it was not easy to drive to somewhere that I totally have no idea, in the dark. Luckily I saw the LRT rail and I managed to parked my car at one the shuttle bus parking area. It was so close. During the race, I told myself to do better in the second full marathon in my life, I managed to shave off 21 minutes. I took all the positives although I was not well-trained for FM.

The hills at the very end of the SCKLM 2011 route still fresh in my mind, I double check the climb in the image above. Oh no.... here you go again, a double peak at km-35 to km39 in 2012. Hopefully I am more prepared this round.

I do not want to put too much pressure on myself, sub4:30 is the target, stretched target at sub4:15, anything below 4 is simply amazing. Oopss.... I go day-dreaming again.

Need more mileage or speed training. Balancing of family, training and work. I need it.

-Good luck-

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