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Race Report - Rock to Rock Run 2012 --LATE Entry!!!!--

I know it is late, but I was delaying it for a reason, which was the deadly CQE examination preparation. I did it last minute so I have no one else to blame but myself. My apology.

Date: 28 October 2012
Location: Hard Rock Hotel, Penang
Distance: 10.2 km (10.19 km)
Bib No.: 1250
Registration Fee: RM50 (for charity)
Gears: Asics DS-Trainer 16, Garmin Forerunner 405
Starting Time: 6.50am (7:10am)
Running Time: 00:46:23
Pace: 4:33 min/km

It was 4:45am and I was already awake. I needed the time for my pre-race ritual such as early facebook access, a light breakfast and bowel cleaning.... err... I guess it should be bowel clearing. Normally, it takes some time for the bowel start moving, so waking up early on the race day is a must, rather than having the 'call' at the starting line.

Friends and colleagues of wifey were staying overnight at my house. I was ready earlier than expected and waiting impatiently for the others, that includes my wifey. She always ask me to nudge her 30 minutes before the departure time. A lady prep is an unknown, imagine several ladies. Anyway, we managed to leave the house around 5:15am.

I was driving quite fast on the bridge because I knew that the parking slots are scare at Hard Rock Hotel. Spotted a few runners actually doing the LSD from Youth Park to Hard Rock Hotel as the preparation for PBIM, I guessed. Eric Lim was one of them.

We reached Hard Rock Hotel around 6:00am and the access to the hotel parking was closed, why? because it was full. Many cars already parking along the main road leading to Teluk Bahang. Luckily I managed to get slot not far away from the starting line, probably 150 to 200m away. I felt hungry and ate one banana.

Still early and we were hanging around participants gathering area, cam-whoring, snapping photos of others, checking out the dressed runners' outfit, etc.

6:50am, I was already waiting for the gun off, but seems like they were waiting for the VIP to pull the trigger. Haih.... I hate that but anyhow we were unleashed at 7:10am. I tried to run slower because I fear that the futsal session that I had a day before would undermine my determination to run all the way, so I took it cautiously.

I started the run with 3:27 min/km and after 100m I figured out that it was way too fast and for sure I'd be 'kong-ed' by the fast pace. I took it slower. The elevation came earlier than expected. I was not sure about my condition, so I followed the general guidelines. I switched to smaller stride and higher cadence going up the hill.

The pace for the 2nd km was 4:22 and 3rd km was 4:36. Probably I felt good or the adrenaline was rushing all over my body, the pace was better than expected. I actually overtook a few runners that always tuned up in the local races, that kept driving me to move forward.

That came to a point that I saw a few runners 100-200m in front of me, they were running at the similar pace as me, so the gap was never closed up. Without notice, all the runners were turning left into the road leading to butterfly farm. I could see runners coming back, they're damn fast.

We're made to run into the butterfly farm and make a small U-turn, there was the water station, I did not bring my hydration waistpack, so I grabbed 2 cups of water and continue to chase after the nearest group.

As I was running out to the main road again, I could see many runners making their way to the U-turn point such as Kenny, Raja Uda Idol, Woei Jye, etc. I tried to maintain the same pace and I was able to run at 4:28 until km-6. Then the pace drop to 4:3x for the consecutive few KMs. I could feel that the Asics DS Trainer was soaking wet and became heavier and heavier.

I could only see the runners in front of me opening the gap and gone missing from view....Pace dropped to 4:4x and 4:5x. Haih.... poor.... Then, it was my intention to snap some photos of the participants, so I grabbed my camera bag from my car boot and rushed to the finishing line. Luckily it was just a short distance, else I could die bringing it along for the whole 10k.

Finally I crossed the finishing line at 46:23. Average pace was 4:33 min/km.... wow.... not bad at all. Wifey took a photo of me crossing the line and I picked a spot and starting to snap photos for other runners.


Race Summary:
  • Happy with my first and last 10k race of 2012. It is a automatic PB since I did not run many 10k events.
  • Smaller stride and higher cadence vs normal stride and regular cadence in hill running help to conserve energy.
  • Happy to see a few runners actually dress up to run. I dressed up but not as 'cool' as the 'Best Custome' runners.
Garmin Data:

Race Review:

  • Charity event but Brooks event T and limited finisher medals were given out. Good.
  • Red bull, buns and mineral waters were given out at the finishing area.
  • Best Costume Runner prizes could attract more runners to join. Running should be fun and not always about timing or PB.

  • Late start. Should start on time, everytime.
  • Traffic control was a little loose at the T-junction near the butterfly farm.
 ---Rock and Roll---

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