Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Exam Blue

I did my CQE trial exam on the morning of 17 November, which was before the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012. I was suffering during the 5 hours inside the examination hall or I would say it was a meeting room, to answer the 160 questions. That's crazy.

Time flies. Here I am, 3 days away from the final exam, which is the real exam. The final score that would determine that whether I have wasted the company money to attend this course, although I had absent for multiple time, for..... running events. No regrets about that but rather I am patching the holes now.

Attempting all the sample questions and exercises, I am overwhelmed. I am not sure whether I could pass this examination with flying colours, but at least I need to have certain confidence, see.... now I'm talking statistic :P

I have 3 days more to prep myself for this examination, after the freaking crazy 5 hours, then I would be free. I would play futsal, I would be running again, I would be watching movie marathon again, I would be driving here and there shopping for running shoes again, I would have good appetite for all the great food again.

Meantime, suffer for another 3 days.

++++ luck ++++

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