Sunday, August 22, 2010

Reading Habit

I guess I have been addicted to reading ebook for quite some time already, but I really prefer to hold a book on my hands. However, it is just impossible that I would spend the money to get all the books that I like, or prefer to read. I believe reading is one kind of self improvement habit, or I called it self education, to pave the way to success.

Unfortunately, too many books, too little time. I would want to read more, know more, apply more, contribute more, love more... I would carry the reading habit as long as I could.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Taiping Heritage Run 2010

Met a few Seagators in Taiping Heritage Run 2010 recently... Eunice and Lay See. I was wearing the striking green colour singlet, and Lay See was in pink shirt and cap. The singlet was not suitable for run, probably the size is slightly bigger than by body, and tends to drop from my shoulder during the run, luckily I chose to ignore it. :P

A photo of 3 little kittens in Esplanade, Taiping.

It was a nice run, managed to finish the 15km race in 1 hour and 15 minutes, that's unbelievable, approximately 5 minutes per km, but the after race was suffering. At least, I achieved my goal to get at least a medal (for first 200 runners in men open category), 81st place, not bad laa...

A finishing shots with Lay See. (She did a few marathons already O.O!!!)

Really thanks to Man Qing (my dear girlfriend) for accompanying to the run, taking nice photos, although did not get the finishing line shot. Never mind, we have more races to come, meaning that we have more place to visit next time.... hurray. Love ya...