Friday, January 27, 2012

PJ Dawn Half Marathon is ON

I have not registered any running races in 2012 yet :( Why is it so not-happening yet? Is it due to Chinese New Year? They should have line up the races 6 months in advance.

Anyway, this is the first registration in 2012. PJ Dawn half marathon is ON, I'll have a pre-birthday run.

I have chosen S-size running vest, upon the request from someone. I hope the smaller vest could minimize the chaffing and looks better on me. I want to get the finisher-T as well, need to ensure that RM45 is well-spent.
Someone pay money to go to suffering again~!? huh?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Red Alert!!!!

It is only the first month of 2012 and I'm going into a red alert, money spent like opening the water tap. OMG... I still have 5 more days and a major car preventive maintenance in coming Saturday, that could easily cost me another a few hundred ringgit.

Haih... I guess the delay gratification does not work as intended. Coincidentally I came across this article Ten Money Saving Strategies from CNBC and I'm going to summarize the points from the link.

Monday, January 23, 2012


祝大家龙年如意吉祥, 龙马精神, 龙腾虎跃, 龙精虎猛, 生龙活虎, 生意兴隆, 走龙运, 发龙财!

- Happy Chinese New Year -

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I sold my blood

There is a blood shortage in Penang, so I went to sell my blood.

Actually I donated my blood but Loh Guan Lye Specialist Centre (LSC) actually gave me RM55 cash voucher as a souvenir. I purchased some food and medical supplies at the 3rd party pharmacy inside the hospital. In one way or another, I was paid for my blood.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Take pride in what I've done

Although there is no before vs after photos, but I'm really proud of myself being able to clean up or at least tidy up the store room that was full with rubbish, spare bulbs, tools, etc.

After buying the five tier metal racks for RM148, not sure whether it is cheap or expensive but it does help me to solve my problems by making more storage spaces and make everything looks so organized. However, after I finished assembling the metal rack, I found that there is actually a lot of space left and I would need another 3 tier rack and one 4 tier rack.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Learn a new thing every day

I was thinking..."Am I lost?"

I don't see it. I don't feel it. I have zero idea about it. What is it? It is the working days to come in 2012. Before everything settles down or at least becoming concrete, I better do what I can to improve myself.

Therefore, I told myself while running in the rain yesterday. "Learn a new thing every day!" We only have 365 days a year and if we always be complacent, stop learning and always complaining, it does not help, at all. If we could learn one thing a day, that's 365 new things you will pick up in the new year eve of 2013. Why not do it?

I want to make it happen, even it is learning a new word, a new formula, a new quote, a new friend, or whatever. I would write it down. I'm reading a book about accounting, I think this is align to my 2012 resolution to learn a new skill. Accounting is a knowledge and it is also a skill, right? (Hope I'm not wrong)

I wonder why the accounting that was taught in school was so boring?! but now I'm picking it up by myself, probably I really need it. But the school has to do better to attract students to like it, to really understand it and apply it. I guess that's why it was included in the Kemahiran Hidup syllabus.

Hopefully I can finish the book soon, absorb all the essence and share the summary with you all.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

13 Surprising Facts about Testosterone

Below are the facts compiled from Anne Harding from
  • Women is love have more testosterone.
  • It can shrink your spare tire.
  • Making money gives you testosterone spikes.
  • It could cause testicles shirnkage.
  • Sport fans get testosterone boost.
  • Fats lower testosterone level.
  • The higher your testosterone level before birth, the lower your pointer-finger-to-ring-finger ration.
  • Testosterone levels are not easy to measure.
  • It's a myth that testosterone is a fountain of youth for men .
  • Taking testosterone does not cause prostate cancer
  • Low levels of testosterone linked to sleeping disorder
  • It may cause heart problems for men.
  • High levels of testosterone can kill brain cells.
As much as I like to enjoy the benefits, seems like cannot over-DO it.

Hope everyone learn something today.

2011 Dailymile Year End Report

I covered 487km in 2011, it is a special number for me because this is actually the first time I use dailymile to record all my workouts. It is a mix of running and cross training (mostly futsal). From the graph columns, let me summarize it myself:
  • Total mileage of 487km is good, but when drill it down, simply 8km per week is too little. Some serious runner actually doing 20km per week.
  • There is no consistency in running, mostly due to house renovation, wedding planning and new working environment. Only 7 months with monthly mileage over 30km.
  • Assumed I had to workout once a day in 365 days a year, I only met 18% according to the 67 workouts I have done.
You cannot improve anything that you cannot measure, that's why I registered dailymile. Hopefully 2012 will be a better year with more training and more improvement.

Good luck~!

Monday, January 9, 2012

109 Anwar is Vindicated

Anwar Ibrahim is discharged on sodomy II by Malaysia High Court.

I never believe Anwar Ibrahim would sodomize a 20-something male aide. It just don't make sense to me, unless that's voluntary, but the way I look at it, Anwar shall have better taste.

Anyhow, according to the latest verdict delivered by High Court has acquitted Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy charges. I hope this is true and it shall bring back some sense to the political and juridical platform in Malaysia.

From live update from The Star Malaysia, he hugs his family and his wife is in tears. His supporters and crowd outside the court cheer.

I judge based on common sense, that's all.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Anything worth doing is worth doing well

I shall 'implant' this quote in my mind, always remind myself that never try to meet the minimum requirements, always try to stretch a bit, hit the limits, beat the limits.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Be it work, play or rest.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Resolutions

I have learned SMART goals, so I shall set SMART goals. I do not wish to put so many high level resolutions but to break down each resolution into some relevant goals, hopefully I will not wet my own pants or your pants. 

1. Be organized
  • Work. I shall not elaborate here as some information are confidential and not to be disclosed. BUT... I shall complete all my PPM 2012 6 main objectives in the duration that I have had set. Looking forward for promotion to Senior Engineer by next performance review.
    -Q1: Goals are NOT met.-Q2: Goals are NOT met.
    -Q3: Goals are NOT met.
  • Gardening. Shall water the plant every day or at least every 2 days to keep them alive and vibrant. My negligence almost kill one palm tree. I don't feel good that things dead on me.
    -Q1: Almost got the plants killed again when wifey was away for biz trip in March.
    -Q2: Still not doing so well, a few of the plants still yellowish, all time.
    -Q3: Learned that positioning the plants is quite important, doing some rotation now.
  • Home Improvement. Buy wire racks to organize the store room and label each racks accordingly by end of February 2012.
    -Q1: Bought racks, cleaned store room, but no labels yet.
    -Q2: Nothing moves~!!!
    -Q3: Bought a new painting from Bali in August, still sitting on the chair, instead of on the wall~!!!!
2.  Time management
  • Watch less crap TV and football matches. One movie or LIVE football match is almost 2 hours. I shall be picky in watching football matches, limited to 5 star clashes or Manchester United games only. Maximum one match per week, or watch only weekly highlights.
    -Q1: Still watching more than 1 match from time to time.
    -Q2: Not much of football, even the Euro 2012.
    -Q3: Same-same.
  • This one is very tricky. Since my role is expanding, time management shall be dynamic. Prioritize things using the priority vs important matrix.
    -Q1: Not really use this.
    -Q2: Not really use this.-Q3: Starting to use Apps to keep my TO-DO list.
  • Cut down FB and surfing time. Spend not more than 60 minutes a day on FB and blogging.
    -Q1: Endulging in Draw Something.
    -Q2: Stop Draw Something.
    -Q3: Still spending much time on FB, blogging is time-consuming.
3. Family and friends
  • Spend quality time with family and friends, family comes first. Bring parents out for a movie or outing once a while. Shopping together or visit new diners together.
    -Q3: Not really much of outing, except taking Yogurt Ice Cream?
  • Talk more, else write. I need to do more talking, to family members or friends. I'm like a loner sitting in front of the laptop every day, just yet to talk to the laptop only. Talk about anything, everything. It is a skill.
    -Q3: Learning to put thought into words.
I know that the 2 goals above are not SMART goals, but is it necessary to make them smart?

4. Health and Fitness
  • Eat more fruits and greens. Probably I can say that pick at least one portion of veggie during lunch and dinner. Take fruits whenever I see it at home.
    -Q1: Made some progress in this, at least 5/7 meals have veggie.
    -Q3: Going into meats again after working out, protein is the excuse?!
  • Clock at least 60km monthly for running only, so it means 15km per week. Not so bad. I clocked 487km in 2011 and averaging about 40km per month for all type of workout (too little??!!!)
    -Q1: Jan 92, Feb 126, Mar 132.
    -Q2: Apr 152, May 126, Jun 190.
    -Q4: Jul 236, Aug 158, Sep 227.
  • Break into sub4:30 FM finisher, stretched goal is sub4:15. I was 15 shy to break the sub4:30 in PBIM 2011, so I guess if I can take 20-25 seconds off each km. then it is only a matter of time.
    -Q2: Achieved in SCKLM 20212. 4h05m
  • Complete 4 full marathons, 4 half marathons and 6 misc races in 2012. Maintain competitive edge.
    -Q1: Misc races 2 (Merentas Desa Pulau Pinang, Malakoff Penang)
    -Q3: In summary, 4 FMs done. 4 HM done. 6 Misc races done.
5. Money and society
  • Start business with wife. Support wife to set up her business and start rock and roll by end of February 2012. Aim to generate revenue of 5 times the air ticket price of our Southern Airline by end of 2012.
    -Q1: Business setup. Need to build brand in Q2, etc.
    -Q3: Need breakthrough in the biz.
  • Continue to save N% of monthly income. 'N' is the amount that I have credited to family fund as what I did starting in September 2011. Need continuity.
    -Q1: Target met, but personal account in RED.
    -Q2: Contributed more the 'force saving'.
    -Q3: Personal account red, red, red due to expenses on automobiles.
  • Give back to the society. I have just donated ~RM200 in 2011 and I plan to at least do the same or increase it to RM300 (tight belt leh).... Donate blood 3x since I only did once in 2011. Once in a quarter as recommended.
    -Q1: Donated blood in Jan.
    -Q3: Donated blood in July.
6. Self Improvement
  • Read one book in every 4 weeks and write a summary of it. Be it conventional book or electronic book. I need to keep learning. I only read not more than 6 books in 2011.
    -Q1/Q2/Q3: Target not met. Hardly read any book~!!!!!!
  • Learn a new skill. I would say probably cooking? Let it be a mystery for now. Maybe I'll think of something later.
    - Nothing so far.
This is what I got after thinking for a few days. I might add something on the list as I find new ideas. Ideas will be added with time stamp.

Wish myself have a fruitful 2012, I have to starting armoring myself with high discipline, determination and passion. Good luck!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Blog Facelift

phew.... just completed the facelift after changing the template a few weeks back. Now it looks different with the collage that I have just created, it is still oven hot!!! yey...

My wife still mumbling about how stupid Picasa is, at times, I think the same way too, but they make good collages if you have your photos ready. Need to spend some time with it as we don't ready user guide and manual, do we?

I have done mine in 45 minutes (too long), including downloading Picasa, installing Picasa, I skipped the photo editing because I'm lazy to do so, resizing and uploading.

Anyway, it is good to have something looks new in 2012.

LOL... good night.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wrap Up 2011

Well, I cannot sleep now, it could be the double dose of kopi'O that I have down, or the fried yam, sweet potato and cempedak, or simply I had too much sleep in the afternoon. Sleeping at 5-7pm usually cause me some trouble sleeping at night. Probably, it is because I have not wrap up my 2011 yet, let's do it now.

  1. Walk the talk. If I have hundreds of things to change, this needs to go first. I hope I can plan ahead, plan well, execute, manage and deliver.

    This is not not a smart goal. It is very difficult to measure, but I will not rate myself good in this because I have had some trouble in planning, executing, managing and delivering certain tasks in 2011, however I still can pull everything through, but think back, I don't really like the fire fighting scenarios. Let me name a few things that went wrong a bit:
    (a) The house renovation project is just done ONE, only ONE day before the official day.
    (b) The wedding seats planing is bad, one repeat table cause everything to go haywire.
    (c) Some contract work in my workplace that did not go very well.

    Verdict: 65%
  2. Be more financially savvy. It has been spending spree for quite some time. It is time to save more, invest more. Pick up the skills that I've had before.

    This is also not a SMART goal. (I just learned about it, but I need to remind myself to set only SMART goals). Actually we are quite prudent in spending but I do insist certain things must be quality and branded things like my shoes, I only have 2 feet. The furniture for house must be good because I want it to last longer and they are not cheap. I bought Panasonic electrical appliances because I believe the brand and reputation also speak for itself. I would say that the saving did not come until we have completed item no.3 below. We spent wisely in the NZ trip, we skipped a lot of tourist attraction spots because of the price, but I don't know when we will make it there again.

    Verdict: 75%

  3. Hat-trick @ 28. House, wedding and honeymoon, argh.... all needs money. I really hope that I can make sure the house can up on time to be a sweet home. Wedding stuff, it has to go faster and further. Honeymoon, already bought the air tickets, then need more planning on the free & easy itinerary.

    (a) House - Finally done, but there are still some loose ends. I would say 5% that need some touch up!
    (b) Wedding - Done! 81 tables. Mai siao siao.... A difficult situation to handle but it remains as a sweet memory for the years to come. We sang '爱的路上只有我和你' during the march in. I still can't believe it.
    (c) Honeymoon - Drive more than 2000km in 12 days, had a great time in South Island, New Zealand. Too bad that Christchurch is badly damaged by the earthquake, but New Zealand is a beautiful place.

    Verdict: 90%
  4. Be a better negotiator. I think I have a big nose, and having the taurus zodiac, I tend to be taken to round the garden, without any objection, and end up as the losing side, financially. I need to stand firm and solid.

    Sometimes I will negotiate, sometimes I cannot. I need consistency in this.

    Verdict: 50%
  5. Serious in running. For healthier lifestyle, better self-satisfaction, I want to be really fit, physically, mentally and emotionally. I want to be a sub-4.5hrs marathon runner, first run is the Sundown marathon, Singapore. Sub 2hrs half marathoner, and 45 min for 10k run. I want to skim the flesh at mu waistline too.

    Actually I had revised the goal after the Sundown marathon because I know that I will not have enough time to commit into running because I switched my job to a new company, I need to take care of the house renovation, wedding and honeymoon. Therefore, the real goal is to complete 3 full marathon, just to complete.

    Well, I have done it.
    (a) Singapore Sundown Marathon
    (b) Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon
    (c) Allianz Penang Bridge International Marathon.

    Besides, I have made a sub 2 in 21k in the Across-3-States Half Marathon :D

    Verdict: 95%
Overall, the average score is 75%. It is considered a good and fruitful 2011. Let me write something down for 2012, smart goals. LOL...

Monday, January 2, 2012

Just back from 2011 trip

I just came back from the last trip in 2011 and I'm tired, had a great time at China with my lovely wife. We did some tidy up last night and we both were sleeping soundly, at least my wife still does.

It was the first time we spent so much money on a single trip, with a vision that we would earn 100%, 200%, 300%... back in 2012. We bought a lot of things, although it is still in the winter. I'll need to wrap up my 2011 by today and list out a few resolutions for 2012.

It is going to be a tough 2012, with very very steep learning curve, but I believe everything would be fine with me putting in effort, doing things with great patience and diligence.

Still not in a mood to write long story kok... give me sometime to wake myself up.