Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I sold my blood

There is a blood shortage in Penang, so I went to sell my blood.

Actually I donated my blood but Loh Guan Lye Specialist Centre (LSC) actually gave me RM55 cash voucher as a souvenir. I purchased some food and medical supplies at the 3rd party pharmacy inside the hospital. In one way or another, I was paid for my blood.

Below are the low res photos that I have captured using my ancient Nokia 6233.

The blood container is getting filled (I don't know what is it called ?!)

The size of the bag is getting bigger.

I keep pumping.... for more blood.

Teng... teng... teng... I think it hits the limit. 450ml.

The RM50 + RM5 cash voucher from LSC blood bank.

The things that I have bought.

Well... I bought mixed leisure nuts as snacks... a healthier option. Besides, I bought the eye mo for my tired eye, using the lappy too much and dequadin for my wife, as she still has the never-cured sore-throat. Lastly, the most expensive on the heat cream for my running use, I just I will feel my calves are burning during next competitive run.

Anyway, my target is to donate 3 times a year, but I need to plan the interval properly as the loss blood only will be replenished after 2 to 3 weeks. That could seriously hamper my training program.

I'm thinking to do 4 times because there would be a free blood test if I donate my blood for 4 times at LSC. Should I do it? Is it cost effective to do it because I have to drive all the way to Jalan Logan. Let it be for now...

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