Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Resolutions

I have learned SMART goals, so I shall set SMART goals. I do not wish to put so many high level resolutions but to break down each resolution into some relevant goals, hopefully I will not wet my own pants or your pants. 

1. Be organized
  • Work. I shall not elaborate here as some information are confidential and not to be disclosed. BUT... I shall complete all my PPM 2012 6 main objectives in the duration that I have had set. Looking forward for promotion to Senior Engineer by next performance review.
    -Q1: Goals are NOT met.-Q2: Goals are NOT met.
    -Q3: Goals are NOT met.
  • Gardening. Shall water the plant every day or at least every 2 days to keep them alive and vibrant. My negligence almost kill one palm tree. I don't feel good that things dead on me.
    -Q1: Almost got the plants killed again when wifey was away for biz trip in March.
    -Q2: Still not doing so well, a few of the plants still yellowish, all time.
    -Q3: Learned that positioning the plants is quite important, doing some rotation now.
  • Home Improvement. Buy wire racks to organize the store room and label each racks accordingly by end of February 2012.
    -Q1: Bought racks, cleaned store room, but no labels yet.
    -Q2: Nothing moves~!!!
    -Q3: Bought a new painting from Bali in August, still sitting on the chair, instead of on the wall~!!!!
2.  Time management
  • Watch less crap TV and football matches. One movie or LIVE football match is almost 2 hours. I shall be picky in watching football matches, limited to 5 star clashes or Manchester United games only. Maximum one match per week, or watch only weekly highlights.
    -Q1: Still watching more than 1 match from time to time.
    -Q2: Not much of football, even the Euro 2012.
    -Q3: Same-same.
  • This one is very tricky. Since my role is expanding, time management shall be dynamic. Prioritize things using the priority vs important matrix.
    -Q1: Not really use this.
    -Q2: Not really use this.-Q3: Starting to use Apps to keep my TO-DO list.
  • Cut down FB and surfing time. Spend not more than 60 minutes a day on FB and blogging.
    -Q1: Endulging in Draw Something.
    -Q2: Stop Draw Something.
    -Q3: Still spending much time on FB, blogging is time-consuming.
3. Family and friends
  • Spend quality time with family and friends, family comes first. Bring parents out for a movie or outing once a while. Shopping together or visit new diners together.
    -Q3: Not really much of outing, except taking Yogurt Ice Cream?
  • Talk more, else write. I need to do more talking, to family members or friends. I'm like a loner sitting in front of the laptop every day, just yet to talk to the laptop only. Talk about anything, everything. It is a skill.
    -Q3: Learning to put thought into words.
I know that the 2 goals above are not SMART goals, but is it necessary to make them smart?

4. Health and Fitness
  • Eat more fruits and greens. Probably I can say that pick at least one portion of veggie during lunch and dinner. Take fruits whenever I see it at home.
    -Q1: Made some progress in this, at least 5/7 meals have veggie.
    -Q3: Going into meats again after working out, protein is the excuse?!
  • Clock at least 60km monthly for running only, so it means 15km per week. Not so bad. I clocked 487km in 2011 and averaging about 40km per month for all type of workout (too little??!!!)
    -Q1: Jan 92, Feb 126, Mar 132.
    -Q2: Apr 152, May 126, Jun 190.
    -Q4: Jul 236, Aug 158, Sep 227.
  • Break into sub4:30 FM finisher, stretched goal is sub4:15. I was 15 shy to break the sub4:30 in PBIM 2011, so I guess if I can take 20-25 seconds off each km. then it is only a matter of time.
    -Q2: Achieved in SCKLM 20212. 4h05m
  • Complete 4 full marathons, 4 half marathons and 6 misc races in 2012. Maintain competitive edge.
    -Q1: Misc races 2 (Merentas Desa Pulau Pinang, Malakoff Penang)
    -Q3: In summary, 4 FMs done. 4 HM done. 6 Misc races done.
5. Money and society
  • Start business with wife. Support wife to set up her business and start rock and roll by end of February 2012. Aim to generate revenue of 5 times the air ticket price of our Southern Airline by end of 2012.
    -Q1: Business setup. Need to build brand in Q2, etc.
    -Q3: Need breakthrough in the biz.
  • Continue to save N% of monthly income. 'N' is the amount that I have credited to family fund as what I did starting in September 2011. Need continuity.
    -Q1: Target met, but personal account in RED.
    -Q2: Contributed more the 'force saving'.
    -Q3: Personal account red, red, red due to expenses on automobiles.
  • Give back to the society. I have just donated ~RM200 in 2011 and I plan to at least do the same or increase it to RM300 (tight belt leh).... Donate blood 3x since I only did once in 2011. Once in a quarter as recommended.
    -Q1: Donated blood in Jan.
    -Q3: Donated blood in July.
6. Self Improvement
  • Read one book in every 4 weeks and write a summary of it. Be it conventional book or electronic book. I need to keep learning. I only read not more than 6 books in 2011.
    -Q1/Q2/Q3: Target not met. Hardly read any book~!!!!!!
  • Learn a new skill. I would say probably cooking? Let it be a mystery for now. Maybe I'll think of something later.
    - Nothing so far.
This is what I got after thinking for a few days. I might add something on the list as I find new ideas. Ideas will be added with time stamp.

Wish myself have a fruitful 2012, I have to starting armoring myself with high discipline, determination and passion. Good luck!


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