Thursday, January 12, 2012

Learn a new thing every day

I was thinking..."Am I lost?"

I don't see it. I don't feel it. I have zero idea about it. What is it? It is the working days to come in 2012. Before everything settles down or at least becoming concrete, I better do what I can to improve myself.

Therefore, I told myself while running in the rain yesterday. "Learn a new thing every day!" We only have 365 days a year and if we always be complacent, stop learning and always complaining, it does not help, at all. If we could learn one thing a day, that's 365 new things you will pick up in the new year eve of 2013. Why not do it?

I want to make it happen, even it is learning a new word, a new formula, a new quote, a new friend, or whatever. I would write it down. I'm reading a book about accounting, I think this is align to my 2012 resolution to learn a new skill. Accounting is a knowledge and it is also a skill, right? (Hope I'm not wrong)

I wonder why the accounting that was taught in school was so boring?! but now I'm picking it up by myself, probably I really need it. But the school has to do better to attract students to like it, to really understand it and apply it. I guess that's why it was included in the Kemahiran Hidup syllabus.

Hopefully I can finish the book soon, absorb all the essence and share the summary with you all.


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