Monday, January 16, 2012

Take pride in what I've done

Although there is no before vs after photos, but I'm really proud of myself being able to clean up or at least tidy up the store room that was full with rubbish, spare bulbs, tools, etc.

After buying the five tier metal racks for RM148, not sure whether it is cheap or expensive but it does help me to solve my problems by making more storage spaces and make everything looks so organized. However, after I finished assembling the metal rack, I found that there is actually a lot of space left and I would need another 3 tier rack and one 4 tier rack.

Any way, it is a big step forward. I hope I can keep it clean and make me comfortable when going into the store room to find something. It shall be quick and not suffocating.

It is not done yet, as I still need some storage boxes to make things more organized. Besides, I shall label everything so that we can put the thing used back to the original place.

Besides, I also 'opened' the house warming gift from my USM course mates. It is a Bosch hand drill. I never thought that it is so difficult to drill holes on the wall, until I did it yesterday. It took me 45 minutes to get my first 2 holes done. Walao eh....

Things progress and I managed to hang up the canvas painting from New Zealand and also the clock in my master bedroom. Of course there are something else, keep it for next time.

There's still wall shelves, kitchen utilities hanger and a few miscellaneous things to do...


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