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Race Report - MPSP Larian Hijau 2012

Event: MPSP Larian Hijau 2012
Date: 26 August 2012
Location: Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai, Bandar Perda
Distance: 21 km (20.72 km)
Bib No.: 1270
Registration Fee: RM25
Gears: Brooks Pure Connect, Garmin Forerunner 405
Starting Time: 5.00am
Running Time: 02:26:35
Pace: 7:03 min/km

(Will amend photos when I'm free....)

Bad run, bad run, but I am going to write about it as well. I know that it is overdue since it has been one week past already and I had joined another race which I will blog later.

This is the run that I wanted to do well the most, because it was held at my hometown - Bukit Mertajam. I was thinking that with all the training I put in, I was expecting that I could do well, at least on par with the PB I had (I thought like that because I was running quite well for the several run after my Bali trip).

Woke up early in the morning, took 2 bananas that I thought could fuel me up to at least 15km. One hot milo to add up the fuel that I need. I reached the race venue around 4:35am and it was already very crowded, many cars moving into the compound of MPSP building. Since this is the MPSP building, I don't think that I will get a saman for parking illegally in this event, so I just follow the cars in front and parked beside a small lane.

Put my Brooks Pure Connect on, took my Nathan Trek and I was ready to go. Bumped into Kenny and Raja Uda Idol. Their car was just 3 cars away from my car. Chatted for a while and we went to the starting area where all runners gathered.

Of course, I met many friends and familiar faces before the start of the race. Did some talking and stretching, muscles were tight, did not know due to what reasons, or maybe it was just psychologically weak. The next thing that I knew was the race started and the crowd start moving.

I told myself to hold the pace for the first km and I did well to control it around 5:30 min/km. However, I was excited, I was shouting at friends when I saw them, maybe the 'must-be-a-PB-race' mindset already carved inside my head. At 2nd and 3rd, my pace was significantly faster at around 4:4x or 4:5x. I controlled my breathing rhythm, this was the pace that quite similar to what I did in PJ Dawn at the beginning. I ran past the road which I always take to go home.

We ran towards the Police Station (traffic department) towards Tanah Liat and Kubang Semang. I thought I was doing well, but I took a glance at my HR, it was 190 BPM. I thought it could be temporary because I could feel that the heart was pounding too fast and too soon. I ignored it for a while and continued to run, until km-5 I checked my HR again, it was 190 BPM again. I could feel that my body was not able to cope it.

It was not like the Shape Run which I could still sustain the high HR and continued the run, it was just 12km and this was 21 - 7 = another 14km left? I knew that I cannot sustain the HR for the rest of the race, so I slowed down, hoping that the HR could recover and I would be able to run at an optimum pace that could help to hit my PB.

I slowed down, I walked, I drank water.... then I restarted my run again, the HR was rising so fast from 14x to 18x. Arrgh.... I hated it so much, I hated myself so much. The race was finished during my first attempt to continue running after a short rest. I began to walk, many runners ran past me, Ewe Cheong, Steven, WJ, Young, Raja Uda, etc. I could not recall all names now but I knew that that was going to be 'hell-like' race for me.

My target was revised to finish the race in a complete set. However, I was down to walking, whenever I tried to run, the pace seems like out of control and HR shot up to 18x BPM. At 10th km or so, the chest strap could not hold well and it dropped to my waist level, I just left it. It knew that I would be suffering, I would not longer run a complete 1km without stopping, so I would be depending on my own instinct and senses to tell me my HR.

Always listen to your body.

I ran/walked past the bendang, it was dark I could not see anything, just one after anther runner that overtook me. Haih... so sad. I was not sure whether I had let my body down, or my body let myself down.

By the time I passed the no.x of water station which was near the SRJK(C) Lay Keow, Garmin showed that I probably have 5-6km to go. Again, I walked, ran, walked, ran, past the bendang again.

Passed my Power Gel to Qamarrul some where there, he still could run, I cannot, so better let him utilize it :P

Then, ran past the UiTM Pulau Pinang, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Politeknik Seberang Perai and McDonald. By that time, I knew that I was very close the finishing point, but still every meter was like a kilometer. I was smiling to towards a photographer near the McD, although deep inside, it was all shit.

I slowly picked up the speed and hopefully I could cruise towards the finishing line, but only managed to do it like 70% running 30% walking pace to the finishing line. I saw that MPSP building, I was relieved.

I saw Uncle Alex (another dedicated sports lover), Tey (super race event supporter/photographer), Captain Yellow who I was surprised to see. I gave them a bright smile whenever I was facing the camera. Captain Yellow asked me what happened to me, I just smiled "It is just one of those days"

It was a tough race but I finished it. LOL, I almost laugh out when I received the multi-purpose medal, it was like a 20 cents or smaller than 50 cents coins, of course with a lanyard and a hook. I guess that multi-purpose means that we could use it as a key chain or lanyard? Not sure, but it is a special medal, I mean the size.

Race Summary:
  • Bad run, what a bad run. Rated among the worst run that I had, almost on par with ASJC. LOL, from my performance and personal feel stand point.
  • Dr.Tham said I could be suffering from myocarditis.
  • I have no excuse for failure to perform as good as my PB or break my PB, but I will bounce back stronger. Give me time.

Garmin Data:

Race Review:

  • Got multiple-purpose medal for multi purpose use. At least, it is different from other events.
  • Generous sponsors by Yeos. Many H20 drinks at the finishing area.
  • Cheap registration fee at RM25, you get a dri-fit vest. Initially I thought it would be T-shirt only. So, I screwed up the size. Never mind, I gave it to my dad.
  • First time a 21k event held in BM, good organization, many marshals and volunteers.
  • Too dark at the certain place of the route, especially the kampung area. Luckily no speeding cars.
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