Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another Loss

I always tell people that every ignorance has its price but sometimes we tend to overlook ourselves. We tell people you cannot do this, you should do this, you must to do this, in order to ..... but we could not see something which is coming to our way.

Just now when I was preparing to get to work, as usual, I looked at my shoes, they are all lined up properly at the car porch. 2 reasons I do that. First, I dry my shoes like that, all my shoes would be soaked it sweat or water after the exercise, it is no good to expose your shoes direct under the sunlight, the UV would damage the shoes and shorten the lifespan of the rubber and glue. Second, convenient. I like to see them all the time, whenever I like to have a workout, I will pick the best available shoes other than the wet one.

Well, my Asics DS-Trainer 14 (worn out, retired,working shoes now), Mizuno Wave Rider 13 (trainer), Brooks Pure Connect (racer), Adidas Adizero Aegis (retired shoes, using on track now), the safety boots and Adidas Adi5 futsal shoes were lining up properly.

Just now, when I was trying to get my working shoes, I found that it was a mess, I did not do that to my shoes. First, I was thinking what the hell.... must be the cat. But I see empty slots in the line up, in my heart, I shouted WHAT THE FUCK!!!! My shoes are stolen. Shit.... Shit.... Shit.... Mizuno Wave Rider and Adi5 are gone. My working shoes and safety boots were thrown on my wifey's heels like no other business.

Shit... both are the new shoes. One is my good trainer which I bought to replace my Nike Relentless. The Adi5 is to replace my Adidas F50. Well, that's around RM450 gone.

At least, the fucking thief did not take my Brooks Pure Connect. I'm even luckier that I kept my red Asics DS-Trainer 16 inside my shoes cabinet inside the house.

Shit... SHIT... SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I eating my own shit now~!)

I'm going to clean the plastic shoes racks and move all my sports shoes inside, whether there are still wet or stink. I cannot afford to keep buy shoes and keep losing my shoes.

Contingency plan: Use my Asics DS-Trainer 16 as trainer and use the old Adidas futsal shoes. What a way to start the morning.

May the thief/thieves be cursed, step on corroded nails during walking, choked with fish bones or other food when eating, nightmares all night long when sleeping, may he lose some of his natural abilities and being hit by a lorry when he was riding/driving. God bless him. Don't let him die, just make him suffer.

*** Sorry, I'm only good to people who is good to me, not thieves or criminals. Fuck him!!!


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