Thursday, September 20, 2012

Acknowledgment & Recognition to Wifey

What could be more motivating when you know someone is waiting for you at the finishing line?

I'm lucky to have married a wife who is very supportive and accomodating. She would follow me to the races, help me taking photographs, keeping me accompanied, reminding me what I've forgot to bring, etc. She does not have to do it, but deep inside I believe that she does it because it is an act to show her love to me and to my passion.

Every time I saw her at the finishing line, I would pose for her. When I saw her standing there, it makes me think how lucky I am, how I should love her more and keep the balance between her, my passion, work and everything else.

In the recent 4 weeks, there were 2 poorly organized events among 4 that I have joined. MPSP Larian Hijau Half Marathon, Sungai Petani Half Marathon, River Jungle Marathon and Taiping International Marathon. Unfortunately she was there waiting for me at the 2 sub-standard events, which are SPHM and TIM.

During SPHM, wifey was waiting from 6:30am onwards to around 9:15am. She watched movie inside the car, waiting at the finishing area and probably she did something else that she did not tell me, to KILL TIME. I told her that I would finish in around 2 hours. Yes, I did it but the weather was quite hot that day and I know that 'waiting' is never a fun activity.

In the last 100m, I was checking out for her and I finally saw her playing with the camera setting and was not aware that I was about to finish the race. Luckily, she managed to snap the shot of the day. Thanks a lot. Of course, she still helped to snap photos of WJ and a few photos of us afterwards.

Trying to get a better placing :P
WJ crossing the line in a minute later

Ghost face.

Happy face to have completed the HM

Dr.Tham, WJ's friend, WJ and myself.

Myself, Dan and Wong Jin Ji (fast runner)

Time past so fast and we were at the Padang Esplanade for the TIM. Wifey slept a little longer than me and spent her sweet time at the room with the iPad, I guess. I told her that to reach the finishing area about 830am (too ambitious) since the starting time was 5am. Maybe I was just playing safe with the number, 3:30 for FM is still far from me.

Wifey had to walked from the hostel, maybe 1km away from Padang Esplanade. Really appreciate her effort doing that. Shits happened, for me and I only finished the race with 4:43. Disappointing timing but I just take it. Wifey waited for quite long due to my wrong estimation or my poor performance, then she got headache later.

However, she managed to take my photos. Her skill really improves a lot compared to last time. After that, she bought me Sprite from the McD nearby, else I would be seriously dehydrated and overheated.
She has done a lot. Thanks again :D

Kwang Leng or Captain Yellow.

Dan Low always in red.

Dan Low with Teh O Pheng

I'm back, finally.

Hair standing pose.

WJ coming back~!!!

WJ with Teh Pheng

A tough race.

Forgot waiting for what...

Thumb(s) down for TIM organizer.

Thank you, wifey for taking all the photos. Like them a lot.

I love ya.

= YipPie =

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Julin Julai said...

this is sweet.
What a nice wat to thank the wife ;)