Monday, October 1, 2012

First Day of the Last Quarter of 2012

Time flies.... very fast. It is the first day of the last quarter in 2012.

Reviewing the 2012 resolutions done back in January 2012, many things, many items, still in RED, means that it is not done, not completed, or not even started. After updating the Q3 performance, I know that procrastination is the 'virus' that simply had to be removed.

I'm quite disappointed on what I have achieved or done in Q3'2012. I should have done more things, more things that will lead me to hit the goals, rather than counting day by day, until 2013 and hoping that miracles would happen. I must accept the reality that, if I don't move anything, nothing moves.

It is a short reflection, however there are a few major things coming up in the last quarter of 2012.
  1. Wifey and I would be joining the same race, first time ever in Rock to Rock Run 2012, although she would be doing 3.8K and I'd be doing 10K.
  2. Penang Bridge International Marathon is like 6 weeks away from now. Still have a handicaped race with WJ*.
  3. I will be doing CQE internal exam 1 day before PBIM and external exam 2 weeks after PBIM. OMG.... can I....? nail it or skip it?
Besides, I want to improve things below:
  1. Home improvement. Beautify the landscape of my house. (This is very time consuming....)
  2. Clean up the things in my work desk (in my office)
  3. Install NJOI at my house, not sure whether this is a good idea since we can live well without any TV reception at the moment.
  4. Cut unnecessary spending.... at the same time, reward myself for working hard.
That's all. Hope that I really can focus, plan, and execute accordingly.

Until then, bye.

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