Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pre-KRI - Last Attempt for HM PB

Attached are the HM timing that I have had achieved in 2012 with the plan time as my benchmark to beat the sub-1:45 finishing time. Time is running out as the final 21km of 2012 is happening soon, this coming Sunday and KRI annual road race 2012.

Reflecting back to all the races I have done, I am still not sure how I did the PB although all the splits were well-captured by my Garmin Forerunner 405. So far, the best half marathon that I did was the PJ Dawn (1:46:15) back in May, the first 21km race of the year, after that the performance seems keeping dropping to an 'out-of-control' range.

I did fine in Hatyai Nature Run in early August with a commendable result of 1:47:35, given the elevation that I have never trained on before. Maybe the tomyam helped a little bit.

After that the back to back races started. I have got the worst performance during the first race of the four - MPSP Larian Hijau with finishing time 2:26:19. Suffered a lot during the race, KO-ed as early as km-5. Maybe it was due to some mental problems, physical problems and medical condition. I still don't know but I choose to believe that all the problems would be solved when the correct remedies are put into places.

Then, I had Sungai Petani Half Marathon at the following week. Some actions had been put into places. Some take time. I fought hard to finish within sub-2, I'm proud with myself to be able to run until km-15 with the condition I had. Finished the race with 1:59:17, albeit poor arrangement by the organizer.

I want to hit my HM goal sub-1:45 so much and I would not mind spending some time to study my own performance over the races and I have made a few observations:

  1. I ran PJ Dawn without HRM compared to others which I would wear HRM to monitor the HR to collect more data.
  2. PJ Dawn is the race I had enough warm up because the organizer did arranged warm up session lead by instructor on the stage.
  3. Often, I started fast and suffered at the second half of the races.
  4. In another words, I was huffing and puffing, breathing with nose and mouth during the races especially MPSP Larian Hijau was not good at all. Oxygen debt too high.
  5. My training mileage was high that maybe I did not taper enough or condition myself good enough to perform in races.

KRI is the last half marathon race that I have this year, as of the registered events. In order to hit sub-1:45, it is quite obvious that I have to dive under the pace of 5:00, which including the time I will take to UP the engine and drink. Whatever I desire, there is not enough time for me to react. I am bringing with me the confidence of finishing 2 LSD in the past 2 weeks with me, 25km and 30km.

I would be do a little different this time:
  1. Get the body warm up before the gun off, start slow and pick up gradually.
  2. Hydration strategy: bring along my Nathan Trek (600ml) with sufficient salt replenishment.
  3. Refuel strategy: Eat enough the night before, take a decent breakfast and one gel on the km-10.
  4. Be determined, 'ATTACK' the one in front of me at the final 5km. LOL....
Wish myself good luck. Is 1:43 possible?

=Good LUCK=

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