Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Trainer from Al-ikhsaN

After the two unfortunate incidents, which had cause me to lose 2 pairs of my beloved running shoes in the last few months, I was down to 2 pair of running shoes. The first one, Brooks Pure Connect which I use it for most races after I have retired my Adizero Aegis after SCKLM 2012. The second one is the red Asics DS-Trainer, which I found it becoming not my cup of tea after a few runs in it.

I had to rotate using this 2 pair of shoes which made me quite inconvenient because my shoes are normally soaking wet after each run, then I have to wear another pair during the next run. Even I become very skeptical/hesitant drying my shoes outside when I am out to work.

I told myself I got to get a new pair of shoes, but I only need a suitable shoes and the best one is the one that I have tried before, and preferably a considerably cheap one. I started to source for a new pair of trainer. I browse online, I search in the stores, etc.

Finally, I saw Nike Relentless (the one that I had misplaced) was available at Al-Ikhsan Online Store. It was priced at RM149.00 which fall into my preferred budget, there was free shipping some more. It took me a while to decide and I had finally purchased it by justifying the need of it for my LSD, since I was not going to use my Pure Connect for LSD.

I double checked my the previous shoes box that I still keep, checked the available size and I was quick to wrap up the whole thing, in 3 minutes.

Nike Air Relentless US 8.5 (Old Box)

Then, I just wait for it to be couriered. I placed the order in the morning around 9am and I received a call around 1pm to verify my online purchase, the model and size, since a buyer could mess up with the US and UK sizing. I was amazed by the respond. In my head, I must have said "Wow, Amazing...! This is the way to do online business."

The very next day after I returned from work and visit my parents house, the package was there already. That means it took Al-Ikhsan 2 days to close the sales, 1 day to receive order, process order, prepare shipment and getting it delivered the next day. Impressive.

It was from Johor.

The first thing I did is verify the size. Yes, it was the same as the previous one.

Nike Air Relentless US 8.5 (New Box)

During my unboxing, there was actually a purchase receipt from Al-Ikhsan with the price correctly stated. There was also a flyer of the latest promotion of Al-Ikhsan. I took a glance and sent it to the recycle bin already. I hope they cut down the flyer distribution and try to advertise online, instead.

Receipt and flyer.  
Then, I saw my shoes again. The shoes that I have worn for quite some time, it looks totally the same, just newer. They sit quietly inside the box, well taken care of, clean and smell good, but that's not the place for them.

Comfortable shelter.
They were ready to heat the pavement during the LSD and I am glad that I have actually loaded 84km since I have received it on the 14-September-2012, for 2 LSD and a few shorter runs. I hope it will continue to serve me well.

Please don't ask me whether this shoes is counterfeited or not, because I don't know. Good thing is I am running fine in them.

It was RM40 cheaper and I feel that it is a good bargain for me.

Ready to Heat the Pavement~!!! 
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