Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mileage of 100,000km

Guess who can cover 100,000km in 5 years time? It is averaging like 20,000km per year. Can you believe it? Wow... it is certainly not me, but my Honda City. I purchased it in 2007 and now it is 2012, I'm still paying the bank for it though...

I was lucky enough to see the magic moment when the digits turned from 99,999 to 10,000km. It might mean nothing to you or Tom, Dick and Harry. However, I viewed it as a milestone. I did not calculate exactly how much I have spent on the car and maintaining it, but the number is sure not a small one. Please continue to read...

99999 km
100000 km
From here, I would like to do a simple calculation. Assumed that the average distance covered per litre of petrol is 14km and petrol prices pegged at RM1.90 per litre. Of course, we had a few price fluctuation back in 2008 and 2009 but the calculation would be too complex, for me.

Price per km = RM1.90 / 14 km = RM0.136

Amount of money I spent on petrol = RM0.136 x 100,000 = RM13,600.00

Shit.... I have spent RM 13,600.00 on petrol only for the past 5 years. It is a huge number. If it was not that there was some sort of car-pooling plan during 2008 - 2009, I guess the number is even bigger.

Apart from that, of course, we spend on petrol, to ensure that the engine performs at the tip-top condition and enjoy the fuel economy for a long term, I need to pay again, this is for preventive maintenance. When I purchased this car, there was 2 years free preventive maintenance. I took it for granted but it was pain in the ass after the 2nd year.

PM Cost Captured from Honda Service Centre
From km-40,000 onwards until km-99999, I should have roughly paid RM2585 to Honda Service Centre, excluding the spare parts which I remember it was not cheap too. The painful thing is the next PM for 100,000km is RM823.xx Walao eh~!!!!

Beside that, I have had changed the four tyres twice. First time was the Micheline Performance tyre, which cost me RM880 and the later one is only Goodyear which cost me RM180 x 4. I changed to a lower grade tyres because the Micheline did not last long enough, it was around 45,000km only. Maybe the road condition was not so good and my driving skill was bad. Hmm, the shoes of my car cost me RM1600. 

Of course, I have had spent some money to clean the car as well but there was no records for the spending, so just assumed that I spent zero amount on the aesthetic maintenance. 

I almost forgot about the insurance coverage and road tax as well. In average, the insurance that I have purchased was around RM4500 and road tax of RM90 x 5 = RM450.

Conservatively, I have spent RM17,785 on the car + the car retail price RM78,000 + interest (I don;t want to remember the amount) + insurance + road tax = > RM100,735. Can you imagine the cost of ownership of a car?

If you are rich, buy a new car, like what I did, which is quite stupid. Else, buy a decent second hand car which is in good condition, can move around without any problems, fuel economy, spacious and safe.

That's all.

100001 Symmetrical number!!!!
What is the purpose of a car if you don't travel around with it? Why buy it? There is always give and take, pros and cons. Balance it and optimize it.

= $$$$$$$$ =

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