Monday, February 27, 2012

Debut of Forerunner 405

I brought my Garmin Forerunner 405 for his debut run at Batu Kawan and it is quite convenient that I know what pace that I have at particular time which is quite useful, but I have not fully utilize the GPS watch yet. It is only his first time~!!!

It was a torturing run without much of water and I only carry a small bottle of mineral water from KM6 to KM19. I guess I must be dehydrating badly, compounded with the intense futsal session on Saturday, it was not easy.

Initially the plan is to do 25km, but I only managed to do 24.3km, with 3 stops. I just walked in the last 300m, really cannot push to the limit, seems like the energy source was meeting its bottom :(

Let's check the details of the run...

Hopefully I can make 'huge' improvement with the help of my new 405. There are a few 25k and 35k in the pipeline. Shall I do it?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Come on...

Come on... I can 'see' that it is so near yet to far away from me now.... Please send it to me~!!!! I want to receive it in the evening.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Buying A House?

If you are not aware of the house price trend in Penang, there is ~60% rise according to the House Price Index. Does it mean that 60% percent rise in a property price? It has almost same magnitude of index hike among the other 'crowded' state such as KL and Selangor.

If I take the number for number, a DST that cost RM200k in Q1 2000 would cost RM320k in Q2 2011. That is quite similar to the reality, but the price keep flying high even now in Q1 2012, I guess the index is around 180-190 range. So scary.... so, it would translate into RM380k.

Ridiculous, simply unbelievable. Homeless generation-2 is going to spread is a like no-cure disease.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Map My Run on Wifey's iPhone4

Not in a good mood to write, but I just tried out the iMapMyRun apps using wifey's iPhone 4. The analysis is pretty much what I wanted, but somehow it lost the connection once (the one that I recognized) in my short run.

Here you go:

The route

The summary

The Split

Only can track back the detail analysis from the internet, you can see the route in your mobile only. There are 2 question in my mind now:

  1. Do I really want to buy an iPhone to capitalize the A-GPS instead of getting a Garmin GPS watch, Forerunner 310XT to be exact?
  2. Do I want to to convert to iMapMyRun, instead of dailymile? My training record is logged in dailymile, so....?
These type of question are frustrating and confusing, in order to shorten the dilemma, decision must be made within a day, else it would become a nightmare.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Race Result Predictor

I know my resolution is to be sub4:30 full marathon finisher, with stretched goal to be 4:15 finisher but I am quite distracted by the fact that why people can finish within 3:30. How difficult to do it? I want to do it, but let's do a reality check first.

So, I went to Race Result Predictor from I key in the almost worst case scenario which I could finish 10K in 60 minutes and best case in 50 minutes.

Worst Case:

I could finish in 4:38:39, which is quite close to my personal best in PBIM 2011 at 4:45. So, it could not be worse than this liao kua.... with consistent training, I guess it is not difficult to beat the 4:30 goal. In fact, it could be easy :P (I must be boasting~!@!)

Best Case:

Based on the prediction, I could only finish in 3:52:12, it is good because I could be surpassing my stretched target of 4:15. However, a 3:30? That's still way to go... man.

How? Make my training tougher? Squeeze myself to the last drop? Take supplement (No way ~!!!!)? Most rest (Yes, I need that).

Although the best case scenario still far away from the 3:30 finisher, but I will try to stick to the 3:30 FM finisher training plan. Let's see what can I get in SCKLM 2012.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's Holding Me Back?

Ohh... I have completed a simple questionnaire or psychological survey about what is holding me back from prospering or shining???!!! and you know what... it is kinda accurate, but I will remember the positive and also negative takeaways.

Here you go...


You seek permission before you make changes, and you can get stuck when you think it won't be granted. My clients who are addicted to approval often didn't get enough of it when they were younger. As adults they tend to look to titles and salary for validation. People in this category also shy away from asking for help, to avoid rejection. This can be a crippling fear, because pursuing your dreams requires support, whether it's financial or emotional. To move forward in your life, you need to start valuing your own approval more than others'. This is, of course, easier said than done. It takes work. I tell my clients to write themselves permission slips for what they want: I give myself permission to take a vacation. Or I give myself permission to volunteer in a different field. This may sound silly—in fact, I know it does. But the exercise can be very useful because it prompts you to remember this crucial fact: You don't need anyone else's permission but your own.

OMG... I'm a coward~!!!

You can try yours here.