Monday, February 27, 2012

Debut of Forerunner 405

I brought my Garmin Forerunner 405 for his debut run at Batu Kawan and it is quite convenient that I know what pace that I have at particular time which is quite useful, but I have not fully utilize the GPS watch yet. It is only his first time~!!!

It was a torturing run without much of water and I only carry a small bottle of mineral water from KM6 to KM19. I guess I must be dehydrating badly, compounded with the intense futsal session on Saturday, it was not easy.

Initially the plan is to do 25km, but I only managed to do 24.3km, with 3 stops. I just walked in the last 300m, really cannot push to the limit, seems like the energy source was meeting its bottom :(

Let's check the details of the run...

Hopefully I can make 'huge' improvement with the help of my new 405. There are a few 25k and 35k in the pipeline. Shall I do it?

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