Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Map My Run on Wifey's iPhone4

Not in a good mood to write, but I just tried out the iMapMyRun apps using wifey's iPhone 4. The analysis is pretty much what I wanted, but somehow it lost the connection once (the one that I recognized) in my short run.

Here you go:

The route

The summary

The Split

Only can track back the detail analysis from the internet, you can see the route in your mobile only. There are 2 question in my mind now:

  1. Do I really want to buy an iPhone to capitalize the A-GPS instead of getting a Garmin GPS watch, Forerunner 310XT to be exact?
  2. Do I want to to convert to iMapMyRun, instead of dailymile? My training record is logged in dailymile, so....?
These type of question are frustrating and confusing, in order to shorten the dilemma, decision must be made within a day, else it would become a nightmare.


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