Thursday, February 2, 2012

Race Result Predictor

I know my resolution is to be sub4:30 full marathon finisher, with stretched goal to be 4:15 finisher but I am quite distracted by the fact that why people can finish within 3:30. How difficult to do it? I want to do it, but let's do a reality check first.

So, I went to Race Result Predictor from I key in the almost worst case scenario which I could finish 10K in 60 minutes and best case in 50 minutes.

Worst Case:

I could finish in 4:38:39, which is quite close to my personal best in PBIM 2011 at 4:45. So, it could not be worse than this liao kua.... with consistent training, I guess it is not difficult to beat the 4:30 goal. In fact, it could be easy :P (I must be boasting~!@!)

Best Case:

Based on the prediction, I could only finish in 3:52:12, it is good because I could be surpassing my stretched target of 4:15. However, a 3:30? That's still way to go... man.

How? Make my training tougher? Squeeze myself to the last drop? Take supplement (No way ~!!!!)? Most rest (Yes, I need that).

Although the best case scenario still far away from the 3:30 finisher, but I will try to stick to the 3:30 FM finisher training plan. Let's see what can I get in SCKLM 2012.


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