Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Blue

I'm kinda in the not-ready-to-work mood, fatigue is pulling me down, but not killing me. Lost appetite, craving for energy drink, always think that I'm dehydrating, can feel my organs are burning from inside out, but I'm quenching them with ice water.

Just imagine what will happen when you pour ice water on a red-burning of metal piece. You are not only hearing the hissing sound, but also the physical damage is irreversible too, the metal piece will start to warp, but I'm so HOT, what to do? Since I'm not in the mood of doing anything, although I have tonnes of things to do, to complete, or to make progress. WTH that I'm doing here? I want to share some thoughts that came across my mind during the Sundown Marathon.

  1. Set Goal, and break it up into smaller goals.I wanted to finish the race in 4 hours and 30 minutes, but without training, I know that I have to revise it. I have set it at 5 hours, with base line to complete the race. I checked my timing every km until km21. I tried, but my legs really could not take it, but I had managed to finish it at 5 hours and 43 minutes. Although I missed the goal, but it was a proud accomplishment. You know people say "Aim for the moon, if you missed, you could get the stars'. Always aim higher.
  2. Don't ever underestimate the distance of 42.195km, it will never kill you, but it will wear you down. Be prepare for it.
    Penang Bridge is approximately 13.5km, imagine you have to run from N-Park to the toll house, back to N-Park and to the toll house again. It is not a short distance, you'll feel tired even you are driving.
  3. After you made up your mind, buckle up, and go all the way.
    If you have registered yourself in anything, a competition, a race or a contest. Don't even think to give up or try not to show up. Think, judge and plan properly before making any decision, stick to it, and make it a success. I had multiple cramps during the race after km22, and I kept telling myself I simply have to finish it, and finish it within 6 hours. I monitored my timing, I adjusted a bit, and I did it.
  4. When you're tired, take a rest or move in a slower pace, but continue to make progress.
    When my legs almost cramped, I told myself I cannot let it happen, because all my effort will be vanished in a second. I controlled my speed, I paid attention to each stride that I made, I tried to relax. I even stopped a few times to apply 'counter pain'. My plantar was pain like hell, I even tried a few tricks to relieve it, it did not work for me, but at least I tried, else I do not know which method works, and which one don't. Keep it mind that I need to keep going, moving towards the finishing line.
  5. Do something with a partner or a team that share the same interest or goal
    Occasionally, you will feel down, you want to give up due to the challenges hit you, or knocked you down. You need someone to life you up, getting a partner or a team really can help you. I went to Sundown alone, I have to cheer myself up, I have to lift myself up, I have to motivate myself, and keep telling myself why I want to do it. I saw a few couples that ran in race, side by side, helping each other, taking care of each other, the feeling must be great to accomplish something together with someone that share the same interest or goal.
 I need to do the same for my work too :P else my boss will trigger me very soon. Good luck.


Maiden Full Marathon Run

No matter how, no matter what.. sleep can wait... yeshhh.....


Friday, May 27, 2011


Right to the face of my first full marathon unprepared. Target 5 hour, but I'm not sure whether I can make it, I have to believe that I can.

Wish me good luck.

Help me....

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maybankard 2 Cards

When is the last time you're impressed with something? I do not have long memory, so the most recent one is my application of Maybankard 2 cards from Maybank, else what? I was making some comparison among a few credit cards, so that I can shortlist and pick a couple that really suits me, and help me get something from spending.

I had my eyes on the Maybankard 2 cards for quite sometime. Coincidentally, I wanted to have McD to get the cute little pink glass, I was approached by a sales officer, I signed up, and I asked the young gentleman to expedite my application, because I might use it in the weekend. He told me okay, he will do it, I bought his idea, and went back to my workplace. I doubt my application will be processed as soon as I wanted it to be, so I called up Maybank customer service, another gentleman told me that the fastest way is to walk in to a branch, prepare all the required documents, and let them do the rest.

I took a few minutes to think, and I started to print all the required documents, and I drove the Queensbay Mall Maybank branch. This time, it is a lady. She told me you need to submit this, this and this... I said nah... I have everything, she told me she'll fax it and asked me wait. No choice, I have picked the fastest way, and I still have to wait. I kinda cannot take it out of my mind for the past weekend, I even think to call up see whether they are processing my application. However, I happened to log in to M2U and I found that credit cards number are generated. Wow.... impressive, that was 2 days ago.

Monday, I cannot wait any longer, I called to customer service again. The gentlemen told me the cards are ready and already sent to the branch, should be ready for collection on Tuesday or Wednesday. Another wow... good job. I received SMS notification for the approved application. Wednesday morning, I received SMS about the cards are ready for collection.

I'm happy with the service being provided by the customer service officer on the phones, and the lady that help me to fax my application form. I am very impressed with the lead time, applied last Thursday, got it on Wednesday, 3-4 working days. 'Like' for Maybank!!!!

So, I must take this opportunity to promote a bit... hopefully the after sales service is even better.

If you are interested, kindly visit http://www.maybankard2cards.com.my/

I don't get anything for doing this, so please don't think too much.


Monday, May 23, 2011

One At A Time...

I'm lost in nowhere, that's the worst part? No... the worst thing is you do not know that you're lost. I should go and get myself a spade now...

+++ GOOD LUCK +++

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yesterday, I was quite happy with whatever that I have done, at least that's a progress, to finalize the kitchen cabinet, to choose the tiles, to get the final quotation and get a 'feel' of the total debt that I'm going to carry. However, now, I started to think that whether I did everything for myself. I had a not very happy discussion with dad, we talked about the renovation, apparently he is not happy with the progress, attitude and quotation provided by the current contractor.

Someone that pushing so hard on the time line does not really seems to care about the other things, rather than meeting his own objective. Everything must go at the same time, or must come first to achieve the balance or optimum point. haiz... better talk to myself. I'm taking new job because it helps, I'm taking tuition because it could help.

I know that, but seems like the time line is against me. I'm quite disappointed but I started to think whether I should rely on anyone, put hope on anyone, get their opinion or so... Sometimes, it is pleased for me to talk with someone that can share my view, at least can have longer view...

Don't want to talk too much... better save my time to save my own ass. But, I'm really disappointed...


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where is my birthday present?

I miss my birthday present so much, although I do not really expect something extraordinary, but I know I will always get something from my dear. We chose the my birthday present together, I was telling her that I want something that can burn a hole in her pocket, but I was too kind to do that. I love her, so I won't be so mean to her.

In return, I would like to get her something that she desires, needs or wants. The very first thing to get the house done, to put it a way that both of us like, but to renovate the bathroom that will make her feel more comfortable, so that she can soak herself in the bath tub, or more precisely, is the jacuzzi with bubble jets... envy huh? I might get to use it when she comes home late :P

I thinking to get more and more things to her, but I think at some point of time, I have to put the family at the first place. I cannot spend like nobody business, just for her, or just for myself. Need to save some for rainy days. In fact, I need to settle more and more bills in coming months. Cannot imagine that.

That's why I go and sign up Maybank 2 Platinum, hopefully they can approve my application. I would like to get something back for the spending that's going to drive me crazy, but I guess some can be postponed, delayed, but some has to do it now. So, hopefully I can get 5X treat points for the next bill that I'm going to pay with my credit card.

For that, I actually get a 'tabung'. I think that is a cheap gift, even children don't want that kind of gift, but boh huat laa... I want it, so I get a pink colour one, for my dear as well. I guess she probably will like it just because it is from me, and it is pink. After that, it is going to be kept in the dark corner at my place.

I really miss my birthday present. I wanted to have one for so long already.... that's the reason I'm kinda lazy in training, because I cannot measure my progress.... (finding a lot of excuses....) but during Sundown that time? I have no eyes to see.

But I'd be very happy to get it and finish my maiden Marathon with it. Grand opening for my birthday present.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Perfectionist - ME?

Sometimes, it is very frustrating that something has happened, and you cannot stop blaming other things or people, like Ah Tu Ah Kao next door, the stupid BMW 5 series driver laa, the hard-to-find screwdriver laa, the Tom, Dick and Harry from ABC department laaa.... the last thing that you will think is whether you have responsibility for everything that happened around you.

I realize this long time ago, but you know when something happened, you tend to get panic, and start looking for solution, without have a 100% body check for yourself. I mean the progress, severity, urgency or importance of that single thing that piss you off.

Today is the the day with most accomplishment since Day 1 in PLLC. I do all type of hands on things, like hooking up grounding wire, laying down ESD mats, removing tables and aging lots, finding tools, sitting on the floor like baby start crawling, just to fasten screws on the bus bar. But, but.... I feel good, I do not need to wait for others, I do not need to DEPEND on others. I rather do it, finish it, complete it, execute it in the imperfect way, rather than waiting for the perfect timing for the perfect people to come to do the most perfect thing for the PERFECTIONIST  - ME. Fyi, it will never happen.

My boss told that he is quite worry with the line setup, which I can 'smell' it from the conversation that we had last Friday. I knew he toured the line alone, without any professional guide - LIKE me beside him, that's why he is worry, BUT that is normal.

With the help of a supervisor that assigned to help me temporarily, he actually really really help a lot, he knows the process better, knows the people better, that's a plus for task execution. BUT the others with the capital F and E really are not helpful enough. Never mind, I'll do it. I know that without the support from certain people, I cannot make it RIGHT at the FIRST time, just like hole in one in the first tee-off, so I just try to tee off as far as I could, as close as I could.

Therefore, you only have class A grounding, not perfect grounding with triple A, or AAA. It is a huge relief. Still have some loose ends to settle, but at least, I gave up waiting, and I want to execute things and complete my task. 60% or 70%, rather than 0%, because of waiting for other people.

Good achievement. Proud of myself, rather than just saying it is a crisis day, but it is a happy crisis day, with myself learning to put myself into actions. woohoo...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Smooth... Nah...

I never expect things to go smoothly when I decide to join this company,but as time goes on, I would think that I have everything under control, and I begin to settle down, not so tense, and so.... That's not a good sign, from my initial perspective.

I'm slowing down... but today, I see that many things starting to surface, that's the consequences for not keeping everyone inside the loop, and that is not possible, given that everyone has their own priority, I have mine too. In fact, I should have a reality check every day... every day.

  1. I must keep executing.
  2. Don't afraid to make mistakes.
  3. Talk to more people.
  4. Plan, plan for unplanned.
Not sure how well I can do it, but I must have a backup plan, for execution, for the company, and for myself.

Good luck!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Labour Day

It is good to have a rest, did I just doing that all the while? Let me sum up a bit about what just happened in this few days.
  1. I watched the movie 'Guan Yun Chang' on Friday night, it is not as good as I thought, but not bad either. Cao Cao is a very humorous and cunning guy, as what we learned in the history, but I was kinda distracted by his vocal.
  2. I slept late after the movie and drove all the way from BM to Fort Cornwallis to attend the Family Day event organized by my new company. Weather was hot, and it was a happening event, with DL from local and Indon wearing high heels and thick make up, in such hot weather. Insane huh?
  3. I left early because I think that they are going to reserve the lucky draw present, and to be published when we get back to the office, so have to go. I went to Summer Place, seems like it is another good place to hang out next time.
  4. Followed by a futsal in Mak Mandin as usual. I've gained some weight, and it really has affected by agility and also footballing skill. I thought about the Sundown Marathon in the end of May, am I going to survive?
  5. Fetched my wife from Bandar Baharu tol, had laksa, it just opened for 15 minutes, and then they declared that it is sold out. WTF? Luckily, we're dine in. Else, have to come back again don't know what time. The distance is around 32km, times 2 for back and forth trip.
  6. Attended a wedding in Evergreen hotel, have to witness the 'everything' that cost more than 80 hundred. However, I'm not really impressed. Anyway, wish them have an ever lasting happy marriage life.
  7. Checked on the progress of the wedding and house. The progress is not good enough. I foresee an extremely busy and frustrating weeks ahead until the house is done, my project can be stabilized, and so, and so.
Have to talk less, and do more, in a very quick and efficient manner. Wish me good luck.