Monday, May 2, 2011

Labour Day

It is good to have a rest, did I just doing that all the while? Let me sum up a bit about what just happened in this few days.
  1. I watched the movie 'Guan Yun Chang' on Friday night, it is not as good as I thought, but not bad either. Cao Cao is a very humorous and cunning guy, as what we learned in the history, but I was kinda distracted by his vocal.
  2. I slept late after the movie and drove all the way from BM to Fort Cornwallis to attend the Family Day event organized by my new company. Weather was hot, and it was a happening event, with DL from local and Indon wearing high heels and thick make up, in such hot weather. Insane huh?
  3. I left early because I think that they are going to reserve the lucky draw present, and to be published when we get back to the office, so have to go. I went to Summer Place, seems like it is another good place to hang out next time.
  4. Followed by a futsal in Mak Mandin as usual. I've gained some weight, and it really has affected by agility and also footballing skill. I thought about the Sundown Marathon in the end of May, am I going to survive?
  5. Fetched my wife from Bandar Baharu tol, had laksa, it just opened for 15 minutes, and then they declared that it is sold out. WTF? Luckily, we're dine in. Else, have to come back again don't know what time. The distance is around 32km, times 2 for back and forth trip.
  6. Attended a wedding in Evergreen hotel, have to witness the 'everything' that cost more than 80 hundred. However, I'm not really impressed. Anyway, wish them have an ever lasting happy marriage life.
  7. Checked on the progress of the wedding and house. The progress is not good enough. I foresee an extremely busy and frustrating weeks ahead until the house is done, my project can be stabilized, and so, and so.
Have to talk less, and do more, in a very quick and efficient manner. Wish me good luck.


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