Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yesterday, I was quite happy with whatever that I have done, at least that's a progress, to finalize the kitchen cabinet, to choose the tiles, to get the final quotation and get a 'feel' of the total debt that I'm going to carry. However, now, I started to think that whether I did everything for myself. I had a not very happy discussion with dad, we talked about the renovation, apparently he is not happy with the progress, attitude and quotation provided by the current contractor.

Someone that pushing so hard on the time line does not really seems to care about the other things, rather than meeting his own objective. Everything must go at the same time, or must come first to achieve the balance or optimum point. haiz... better talk to myself. I'm taking new job because it helps, I'm taking tuition because it could help.

I know that, but seems like the time line is against me. I'm quite disappointed but I started to think whether I should rely on anyone, put hope on anyone, get their opinion or so... Sometimes, it is pleased for me to talk with someone that can share my view, at least can have longer view...

Don't want to talk too much... better save my time to save my own ass. But, I'm really disappointed...


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