Monday, May 16, 2011

Perfectionist - ME?

Sometimes, it is very frustrating that something has happened, and you cannot stop blaming other things or people, like Ah Tu Ah Kao next door, the stupid BMW 5 series driver laa, the hard-to-find screwdriver laa, the Tom, Dick and Harry from ABC department laaa.... the last thing that you will think is whether you have responsibility for everything that happened around you.

I realize this long time ago, but you know when something happened, you tend to get panic, and start looking for solution, without have a 100% body check for yourself. I mean the progress, severity, urgency or importance of that single thing that piss you off.

Today is the the day with most accomplishment since Day 1 in PLLC. I do all type of hands on things, like hooking up grounding wire, laying down ESD mats, removing tables and aging lots, finding tools, sitting on the floor like baby start crawling, just to fasten screws on the bus bar. But, but.... I feel good, I do not need to wait for others, I do not need to DEPEND on others. I rather do it, finish it, complete it, execute it in the imperfect way, rather than waiting for the perfect timing for the perfect people to come to do the most perfect thing for the PERFECTIONIST  - ME. Fyi, it will never happen.

My boss told that he is quite worry with the line setup, which I can 'smell' it from the conversation that we had last Friday. I knew he toured the line alone, without any professional guide - LIKE me beside him, that's why he is worry, BUT that is normal.

With the help of a supervisor that assigned to help me temporarily, he actually really really help a lot, he knows the process better, knows the people better, that's a plus for task execution. BUT the others with the capital F and E really are not helpful enough. Never mind, I'll do it. I know that without the support from certain people, I cannot make it RIGHT at the FIRST time, just like hole in one in the first tee-off, so I just try to tee off as far as I could, as close as I could.

Therefore, you only have class A grounding, not perfect grounding with triple A, or AAA. It is a huge relief. Still have some loose ends to settle, but at least, I gave up waiting, and I want to execute things and complete my task. 60% or 70%, rather than 0%, because of waiting for other people.

Good achievement. Proud of myself, rather than just saying it is a crisis day, but it is a happy crisis day, with myself learning to put myself into actions. woohoo...

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