Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maybankard 2 Cards

When is the last time you're impressed with something? I do not have long memory, so the most recent one is my application of Maybankard 2 cards from Maybank, else what? I was making some comparison among a few credit cards, so that I can shortlist and pick a couple that really suits me, and help me get something from spending.

I had my eyes on the Maybankard 2 cards for quite sometime. Coincidentally, I wanted to have McD to get the cute little pink glass, I was approached by a sales officer, I signed up, and I asked the young gentleman to expedite my application, because I might use it in the weekend. He told me okay, he will do it, I bought his idea, and went back to my workplace. I doubt my application will be processed as soon as I wanted it to be, so I called up Maybank customer service, another gentleman told me that the fastest way is to walk in to a branch, prepare all the required documents, and let them do the rest.

I took a few minutes to think, and I started to print all the required documents, and I drove the Queensbay Mall Maybank branch. This time, it is a lady. She told me you need to submit this, this and this... I said nah... I have everything, she told me she'll fax it and asked me wait. No choice, I have picked the fastest way, and I still have to wait. I kinda cannot take it out of my mind for the past weekend, I even think to call up see whether they are processing my application. However, I happened to log in to M2U and I found that credit cards number are generated. Wow.... impressive, that was 2 days ago.

Monday, I cannot wait any longer, I called to customer service again. The gentlemen told me the cards are ready and already sent to the branch, should be ready for collection on Tuesday or Wednesday. Another wow... good job. I received SMS notification for the approved application. Wednesday morning, I received SMS about the cards are ready for collection.

I'm happy with the service being provided by the customer service officer on the phones, and the lady that help me to fax my application form. I am very impressed with the lead time, applied last Thursday, got it on Wednesday, 3-4 working days. 'Like' for Maybank!!!!

So, I must take this opportunity to promote a bit... hopefully the after sales service is even better.

If you are interested, kindly visit

I don't get anything for doing this, so please don't think too much.



#~м@ñQΐйĞ~# said...

hmmm... where is my supplementary card?

choonshih said...

Yours are not expedited, so please wait patiently for a few weeks :P