Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where is my birthday present?

I miss my birthday present so much, although I do not really expect something extraordinary, but I know I will always get something from my dear. We chose the my birthday present together, I was telling her that I want something that can burn a hole in her pocket, but I was too kind to do that. I love her, so I won't be so mean to her.

In return, I would like to get her something that she desires, needs or wants. The very first thing to get the house done, to put it a way that both of us like, but to renovate the bathroom that will make her feel more comfortable, so that she can soak herself in the bath tub, or more precisely, is the jacuzzi with bubble jets... envy huh? I might get to use it when she comes home late :P

I thinking to get more and more things to her, but I think at some point of time, I have to put the family at the first place. I cannot spend like nobody business, just for her, or just for myself. Need to save some for rainy days. In fact, I need to settle more and more bills in coming months. Cannot imagine that.

That's why I go and sign up Maybank 2 Platinum, hopefully they can approve my application. I would like to get something back for the spending that's going to drive me crazy, but I guess some can be postponed, delayed, but some has to do it now. So, hopefully I can get 5X treat points for the next bill that I'm going to pay with my credit card.

For that, I actually get a 'tabung'. I think that is a cheap gift, even children don't want that kind of gift, but boh huat laa... I want it, so I get a pink colour one, for my dear as well. I guess she probably will like it just because it is from me, and it is pink. After that, it is going to be kept in the dark corner at my place.

I really miss my birthday present. I wanted to have one for so long already.... that's the reason I'm kinda lazy in training, because I cannot measure my progress.... (finding a lot of excuses....) but during Sundown that time? I have no eyes to see.

But I'd be very happy to get it and finish my maiden Marathon with it. Grand opening for my birthday present.


#~м@ñQΐйĞ~# said...

hahahah...okok... thanks for taking care of my wallet :p
so was it well performed during your marathon?

I am sooooo looking forward to my big jacuzzi :D
for another big present you are offering, lets on hold first till I really really wish to have it one day....

btw, where it the little pink tabung? :p

choonshih said...

It is doing the simple job very well, but I ran the clock accidentally after the run, so cannot show off my first full marathon timing already.

Not sure after all the things for sweet home, still got budget or not.

Pink tabung is at my place.