Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Blue

I'm kinda in the not-ready-to-work mood, fatigue is pulling me down, but not killing me. Lost appetite, craving for energy drink, always think that I'm dehydrating, can feel my organs are burning from inside out, but I'm quenching them with ice water.

Just imagine what will happen when you pour ice water on a red-burning of metal piece. You are not only hearing the hissing sound, but also the physical damage is irreversible too, the metal piece will start to warp, but I'm so HOT, what to do? Since I'm not in the mood of doing anything, although I have tonnes of things to do, to complete, or to make progress. WTH that I'm doing here? I want to share some thoughts that came across my mind during the Sundown Marathon.

  1. Set Goal, and break it up into smaller goals.I wanted to finish the race in 4 hours and 30 minutes, but without training, I know that I have to revise it. I have set it at 5 hours, with base line to complete the race. I checked my timing every km until km21. I tried, but my legs really could not take it, but I had managed to finish it at 5 hours and 43 minutes. Although I missed the goal, but it was a proud accomplishment. You know people say "Aim for the moon, if you missed, you could get the stars'. Always aim higher.
  2. Don't ever underestimate the distance of 42.195km, it will never kill you, but it will wear you down. Be prepare for it.
    Penang Bridge is approximately 13.5km, imagine you have to run from N-Park to the toll house, back to N-Park and to the toll house again. It is not a short distance, you'll feel tired even you are driving.
  3. After you made up your mind, buckle up, and go all the way.
    If you have registered yourself in anything, a competition, a race or a contest. Don't even think to give up or try not to show up. Think, judge and plan properly before making any decision, stick to it, and make it a success. I had multiple cramps during the race after km22, and I kept telling myself I simply have to finish it, and finish it within 6 hours. I monitored my timing, I adjusted a bit, and I did it.
  4. When you're tired, take a rest or move in a slower pace, but continue to make progress.
    When my legs almost cramped, I told myself I cannot let it happen, because all my effort will be vanished in a second. I controlled my speed, I paid attention to each stride that I made, I tried to relax. I even stopped a few times to apply 'counter pain'. My plantar was pain like hell, I even tried a few tricks to relieve it, it did not work for me, but at least I tried, else I do not know which method works, and which one don't. Keep it mind that I need to keep going, moving towards the finishing line.
  5. Do something with a partner or a team that share the same interest or goal
    Occasionally, you will feel down, you want to give up due to the challenges hit you, or knocked you down. You need someone to life you up, getting a partner or a team really can help you. I went to Sundown alone, I have to cheer myself up, I have to lift myself up, I have to motivate myself, and keep telling myself why I want to do it. I saw a few couples that ran in race, side by side, helping each other, taking care of each other, the feeling must be great to accomplish something together with someone that share the same interest or goal.
 I need to do the same for my work too :P else my boss will trigger me very soon. Good luck.


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