Friday, June 3, 2011

Early Gift for Father's Day

Father's Day is not here yet, but the gift is. MQ and I have gave this gift to my father, it is totally my idea but not totally without any reason. Let me go through the rationale for it:
  1. It is a need. Since taking up the job, my father has to wake up early, groom himself with Gillette and foam. Time is money, now he can do it on his way to work, probably get another 10 minutes sleep?
  2. It is a bargain. Retail price is RM179, some being sold at RM149. I bought it at RM117.
  3. It is a good gift. I bought things for my parents but most of them are not applicable. I want to get them 'useful' things.
  4. It is an high tech gadget. Special shaving blades which I know nothing about.
  5. It is rechargeable, means it is more environmental friendly. I full charge stands for a week, it even got a 40 minutes low-batt indicator. Wow....
Assumed that I paid RM120 for it, and a RM20 blade for a automated shaver, the balance is RM100, divided by 5 good reasons to buy, probably more, each reason is RM20, then divided by 2 again, if MQ shares the same ideas as I do. You do the math, it is a MUST-BUY~!!!


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