Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lesson Learned until 12 June

Just a summary of the learning...
  1. Do not wait for others to come to you, go after what you want. No one should bother about your reputation except yourself.
  2. Believe that people always make mistake, intentionally or accidentally, so double check, especially when you sign contracts or agreements.
  3. When you have to really spend money or resources on something, make it the best, or at least make it better. Else, why do it?
  4. Don't overestimate and underestimate yourself. Lift something up and, if that's necessary, lay it down, like a man.
  5. Love your life partner, because he/she will love you back twice as much.
Every day there's something new, there's something to learn, you have to really 'look' into it.


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