Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh ou... KOTR and PBIM

What do you think when you see KOTR and PBIM? My wife asked me that, I told her that it is King of The Road, PBIM? Of course it is something related to running also laa... it is Penang Bridge International Marathon. I saw that I set a pretty 'ambitious' target even without knowing the taste of running a full marathon. Now I have completed 2, one with 5h43m, and the most recent one is 5h22m, only 21 minute improvement, which mean 30 seconds improvement from each KM.

You know what? The target was set at sub4.5h. OMG... how naive I was, or I should say how I'm totally out of the condition, lack of the fitness and stamina to really 'run' the 42km, because I managed to run not more than 25km, I guess. Still have a lot to do with my legs. Hope I really can take some time in September and October to boost up my running.

Actually I did not make any pledge to finish 3 marathons, don't know where the heaven it comes from. Since I always think that I made that promise to myself, so I register for the last full marathon for myself in 2011, hope I can finish it with flying colours. Then, I will have my own collection of 3 full marathon finisher T's. :P

Still have a lot of work to do to beat the KOTR in October, but you never know how good you can be, without really push yourself to the limit. Here I come.

KOTR 2011 - 16.8km

 PBIM 2011 - 42.195km

Take a good rest for a few weeks to prepare for my own wedding, and get the house to be done.

=good luck=

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