Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Few Things I like About Singapore

  1. It is a vibrant city. Relatively more modern than Kuala Lumpur, not to mention Penang. Guys and ladies dress up nicely to work. Most OL even dress up sexily, revealing the cleavage of fortune (no offense), it is good to look, not sure whether good to hold.
  2. The city is safe, much much safer than Kuala Lumpur. I can leave my luggage somewhere in front of the wash room and not worrying a second that it would be missing. In KL, ermmm.... I hate to say that, but things tend to get lost.
  3. People Q' up. Singaporean or some other people in Singapore might think that 'WTF, every day need to queue up for everything'. I totally disagree. I like the organized way, because I do not like what I'm seeing some old uncle aunty take it for granted. Yeah, you have the privilege but respect is earned.
  4. The public transportation system is fantastic. The MRT, LRT even public buses have tolerance of +/- 5 minutes, but Rapid KL could easily beat the mark by 3-6 times slower.
  5. Singapore Dollar (SGD) is a strong currency. I was born in Penang and live in Penang since then, I pay MYR1.95 for one litre of RON95 and in Singapore I pay SGD2.00; not much of different though. BUT... I could earn MYR4000 with 3 years working experience, and SGD3500 in Singapore, but the cost of a pair of Asics shoes MYR299 and SGD125 for the same thing. One economy rice with 2 meat and 1 vege is SGD2.50, and RM4 is considered cheap if you happen to know one.
That's all. I'll add on if I can think of more....

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