Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1st Wednesday in Philips

This is my first Wednesday in PLLC, everyone here is going to get additional RM1 that is going to be expired at 10.00am later, so I guess everyone is going to have breakfast before 10am today. People here have breakfast pretty late, because it is quite flexible here, people go to cafeteria from 8 to 9 something, and it is normal.

  1. After 3 days of driving to work, the mean time get to work from my home is 54 minutes, and standard deviation is 5.4 minutes. Am I going to spend close to one hour just to commute toa work? Not sure, but I really don't like the queue. According to the pareto, I guess the most spent time is at the junction near SMK and until whole stretch to Jalan Song Ban Kheng. I could spend around 20 minutes just for the 5km, hey 5km only -.-
  2. Secondly, it is about what I heard in myFM today. The topic is about OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. If you do not know what is it, please visit here. The DJ's were referring it to the tendency of people keep using handphone whenever they're idle, keep updating social networking status, etc. I not sure whether it is approprite to use OCD in this case. I'm glad that I don't really have it although I like to go online and check on the updates, but it is not a must. There was a lad that will feel uneasy when he does not have his mobile around, for me, I will feel happy to lose it.
  3. Many changes is happening at the same time. According to my boss's briefing, all four technologies are coming at almost the same, stacking up to each other. I'm not sure what is the magnitude of work to be done, but I know that I already opened a can of worms. Now I have to deal with it.
Enough talking, time to read email, do some planning, and get everything going at the quickest pace.

Share with you: Opportunitiy could come to you anytime, you can either use your hand to take it, or pass it to others. It is your choice.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Which way to go?

Woosh, I have been reminding myself to take the first traffic light right turn tomorrow, as I could be going back to the same old way to my previous company. I do not what is waiting ahead of me, I know that I'm on myself, I'm prepared mentally ( I guess)...

Hopefully, it will be a bright start tomorrow, although I'm just at the beginning of the tunnel.

Good luck, myself.

Perseverance, wisdom, and knowledge will lead the way. :D


Thursday, March 24, 2011


Just had Char Siu with my cubicle mates yesterday, the other young manager actually treat it as a farewell meal. I appreciate it. As the clock ticking, the feeling become more and more complicated. I still have bunch of work to finish, pile of things to hand over or pass up/down, still have to draft my farewell email, talk face to face to people that I need talk to, but how much time left?

After deducting the time required for the job to be done, maybe I'll just have another 4 hours? I'm not sure about that. My cubicle still like a mess, my drawers are still full... I'm going to another farewell lunch later, then another farewell dinner tonight. How am I going to 'clear' everything here?

Tentative plan is to stay longer tomorrow... what to do? I do not have to keep shits at my place, and pass shits to others, so I have to work my ass off at the very last minute before leaving.

Good luck to me.

-Everyday is a good day-

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Double Dip...

xxx, xxx & xxx,
Our goal is to find the root cause and close the case within two weeks from today.
We have to work aggressively towards this.
There is no luxury to wait.

My heart takes another dip after seeing this email, I need to go, but at the time that my service could be vital. There's no way back. I going to tell you everything after the meeting, I hope there's still resources that can support my project after my departure.

Feel bad... bad bad bad....



There is no 'perfect' timing, so does this opportunity that popped out of nowhere. I tried, I'm being offered, and I'm struggling to leave, probably I'm too 'safe' and 'comfortable' here.

I feel bad for not completing each and every of my projects a few weeks before this one. I feel bad for the short notice. I feel bad for leaving a group of my mates.

Frankly, everything seems heavier at the moment.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Sudden Change?

The face to face interview was quite fruitful... and the phone interview with Singapore site was going smooth. I'm not sure whether I'll be ending up in different company in the near few weeks, but I know that if that happens, there is a lot of changes lining up.

Start to think about the 'frequent' travel at the moment, I do not want to stay apart from my wife and family for too long. You can say that I cannot leave without  them, but I would say that I need to be there for them. Waiting for the next news... don't know when... but it is happy to hear that people could 'buy me out'.

That's a compliment for me :p

Although I know there is tonnes of work to be done if that actually materialize.

-good luck-

Monday, March 7, 2011

Changes is good but not when it is too many...

This year I'm trying to limit the changes to happen, but you know what? 人算不如天算!I know that I'm getting married, that is a status change. I know that I'm going to be teaching tuition classes, I'll be a teacher, that is a job change, to make positive outcome of the time I have. I know that I'm getting to carry more responsibility,  as a son, to help out family or at least not to create trouble, that's a change, not a big one, but to think in a more mature way in a change.

I'm not planning to get my job changed.... but who knows? I'm attending interview. I'm not planning to spend time with new doggie, but who knows? Brandi left us so early to be with his creator, and I need to spend quite some time with Benji, at least to teach him, to walk him and keep him accompanied.

I do not have plan to knocked other people's car, but you know what? I knocked one of my colleague's car. I paid the damage for both parties, and that amount is around RM1000. I could use that for some many things, but definitely not for repairing cars.

I do not have plan to change my seating place in the office, but some how some kepo people want to change here and change there. I could be relocated to a place that I do not like, warmer place with colder people, I'm doing fine here. If they really move me, I really hope that I might as well move to other company.

That's all that I want to say in this 10 minutes.

-sien jor....-

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Light Training

Light training went well, still feel the 'sensation' at the place where I injured myself. 1 hour of futsal on Saturday, and 1 hour of field football are very rewarding, physically, and mentally. I got to test how's my condition towards the 100%, or I would conservatively said it is only 65% now.

I still cannot lift the ball very well, seems like there is some traumatic psychological effect, I afraid that I'm doing that too soon, since it is quite weak. But my left leg can be benefited from the slow down of my right leg. However, I need both leg in best condition for competition and running.

Will continue with the heat treatment later, and apply the chinese herb medicine from China. Keep my finger crossed that everything will turn out to be fine.

-jiayou O-

Friday, March 4, 2011

Save RM5.00 from Maxis Bill Monthly

LOL... intended to do this long time ago but it was never materialized. As soon as I found that the RM5 notes is getting more and more significant, I told myself to do it, for myself, for environment, for saving, for convenience, for ..., for..., etc... so many advantages, why not?

Although it was a small amount of money, but a penny saved is a penny earned. I'm happy to see the number reduce from Rm89.80 to Rm84.80.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Futsal? Running?

I want to get back to the turf, I want to get back to the road, treadmill, anywhere, I want to get back to the badminton court. The competition date is close... very close 1 company futsal tournament, and 26km Malakoff run in another 7 days.

The first question I ask myself: Am I fit to race?

I have not playing futsal since the injury....
I have not run since the injury...
I have not play badminton since the injury...

I tell myself, I want to race against time to get fit, and tomorrow is going to the first light training for futsal.

Hopefully I can do it.