Monday, March 7, 2011

Changes is good but not when it is too many...

This year I'm trying to limit the changes to happen, but you know what? 人算不如天算!I know that I'm getting married, that is a status change. I know that I'm going to be teaching tuition classes, I'll be a teacher, that is a job change, to make positive outcome of the time I have. I know that I'm getting to carry more responsibility,  as a son, to help out family or at least not to create trouble, that's a change, not a big one, but to think in a more mature way in a change.

I'm not planning to get my job changed.... but who knows? I'm attending interview. I'm not planning to spend time with new doggie, but who knows? Brandi left us so early to be with his creator, and I need to spend quite some time with Benji, at least to teach him, to walk him and keep him accompanied.

I do not have plan to knocked other people's car, but you know what? I knocked one of my colleague's car. I paid the damage for both parties, and that amount is around RM1000. I could use that for some many things, but definitely not for repairing cars.

I do not have plan to change my seating place in the office, but some how some kepo people want to change here and change there. I could be relocated to a place that I do not like, warmer place with colder people, I'm doing fine here. If they really move me, I really hope that I might as well move to other company.

That's all that I want to say in this 10 minutes.

-sien jor....-

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