Thursday, March 24, 2011


Just had Char Siu with my cubicle mates yesterday, the other young manager actually treat it as a farewell meal. I appreciate it. As the clock ticking, the feeling become more and more complicated. I still have bunch of work to finish, pile of things to hand over or pass up/down, still have to draft my farewell email, talk face to face to people that I need talk to, but how much time left?

After deducting the time required for the job to be done, maybe I'll just have another 4 hours? I'm not sure about that. My cubicle still like a mess, my drawers are still full... I'm going to another farewell lunch later, then another farewell dinner tonight. How am I going to 'clear' everything here?

Tentative plan is to stay longer tomorrow... what to do? I do not have to keep shits at my place, and pass shits to others, so I have to work my ass off at the very last minute before leaving.

Good luck to me.

-Everyday is a good day-

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