Monday, May 9, 2011

Smooth... Nah...

I never expect things to go smoothly when I decide to join this company,but as time goes on, I would think that I have everything under control, and I begin to settle down, not so tense, and so.... That's not a good sign, from my initial perspective.

I'm slowing down... but today, I see that many things starting to surface, that's the consequences for not keeping everyone inside the loop, and that is not possible, given that everyone has their own priority, I have mine too. In fact, I should have a reality check every day... every day.

  1. I must keep executing.
  2. Don't afraid to make mistakes.
  3. Talk to more people.
  4. Plan, plan for unplanned.
Not sure how well I can do it, but I must have a backup plan, for execution, for the company, and for myself.

Good luck!

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