Monday, June 18, 2012

PBIM 2012 - CS head vs WJ head

WJ and I have had reached an agreement, a race based on full marathon race in Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) 2012. Based on the finishing time in Hatyai, his time was around 5:50 and mine was 4:30. He came up with a pretty creative way to have a 'side bet', not a fair 'side bet' but a handicap-ed side bet.

I'm not sure whether that is an English phrase or hok-glish, stands for hokkien-English. During our childhood time, we always play card games like Blackjack, Siam-ban lak (or Baccarat in multiplayer mode), etc during Chinese New Year. Normally there is a banker and several players. When someone is not happy enough or get enough 'adrenaline rush' from the duel between banker and himself, he could set up a 'head-to-head' betting which is independent from the banker, which means the cards of player A vs the cards of player B. Win or lose, player A and player B will settle among themselves. We, or I called it as 'side bet'.

Sorry for those readers that are reading this because it is a 'haram' or illegal activity. We were told we are going to be caught by the police officers if we do that, but we did that cautiously. Anyway, it was just an entertainment, I believe all the kids that were in the games are doing well right now, most of them are professionals and make a good living. I believe it is the good outcome of informal education by their parents and our parents. Period.

Back to the PBIM 2012 side bet, WJ is still buoyant because I paid for his full marathon registration fee because he managed to finish it. The deal was I'd pay for him if he finish full marathon with a finisher medal and finisher T. He did it, with respectable timing of 5:50. That's why he challenges me to put on another deal like below (in nested condition, just like how excel works):

If WJ time > CS time, then
  • If (WJ time - CS time) < 60 minutes, CS will pay WJ for a full body massage;
  • If (WJ time - CS time) > 60 minutes, WJ will pay CS for a full body massage;
If WJ time < CS time, then CS will pay WJ for a full body massage. (I hope this would not happen and I cannot let this happen~!!!!)

The stake is only < RM50 but more like a 'air muka' problem, but I just realized that 60 minutes equivalent to 10km in certain context, at least in my own context. I have a mountain to climb or a super tough imaginary opponent to beat.

I told WJ that if he wants to beat me, he has to do sub-5 and I believe he could do that given that there is so much time to train for it, just depends on how discipline and determine he is. I put my best estimation that he could finish in 4:45, so I have to do 3:45 (WTH.....)

This time, I really need to run fire already.

Don't think too much. Finish strong in SCKLM first, aim at <4:30.

+good luck+ 

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