Sunday, June 10, 2012

Deep Dive - Hatyai International Marathon

Below is the deep dive of the failure to complete my first full marathon in 2012, which is the Hatyai International Marathon, race report is here. I finished the race in 4:30 but suffered from multiple severe crmaps from 30km onwards... too bad, so I need to know how much time I took complete the remaining km of the race.

It is an important answer to me.

The chart above shows that actually I did not follow my race plan at all. Started too fast, you can see that the actual pace (red) is below the plan pace (blue). Everything worked fine until km-30 which the severe cramps kicked in.

Significant pace drops was caused by the cramps that stopped me from running although I did tried my best to recover the run whenever possible.
From the comparison between the green colour (plan pace) and the yellow colour (actual pace), I took a really long, long, long time to complete the final 13.X km, which the total time taken adds up to be my PB time for 21km. Really lost too much time there, but I was glad and I still glad that I could finish the race in 4:30.

I was ahead of the race plan until km-30 which is shows in the Delta column in green colour fonts, then it is all red. If everything executed correctly, I could do a sub-4.15, which is my stretched goal target. I guess I have to really nail it during the SCKLM, but the challenge is the hilly course.

  1. More LSD up to 35k.
  2. Focus on hydration, including electrolyte replenishment.
  3. Don't start too fast.
Train for the next 2 weeks and set to go.

=good luck=

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