Friday, June 22, 2012

Days before SCKLM 2012

Last minute packing.... again. Let myself fall into this trap again, with back to back events and the CQE course until the last minute before I leave Penang, temporarily, for Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon (SCKLM) 2012.

Last night, a few uni coursemates or we should call it alumni celebrated Siang Loon's birthday @ Sakae Sushi @ Queensbay Mall Penang. Seriously, the food is sub-standard, the sushi is worse than those in Sushi King, the alar carte meal is no where close to getting a 'satisfy' comment from me. Maybe I'm too mean but paying that much money for sub-standard Japanese food? No way....

Then, later in the afternoon, my teammates are going to have a durian feast. Hopefully I can share some of the durian photos in the next few posts.

I have to run some errand to post/ship the iPod Shuffle 2Gb (pink colour) that has been lost and found. It is still brand new because no one really use it. It just hidden in one corner without my notice for quite some time already. Posted up in 3 days ago with price tag of RM88 and I'm surprise that there is a lady who would offer RM150 for it. No crap.... I took the offer by snubbing another person who has reserved it a few hours before her. I'm sorry, but what can I do. The price is almost doubled, who would say 'NO....~!'?

In the evening, wifey and I will be heading home to have dinner and go to her friend's ROM. ROM stands for registration of marriage. She was busy with the ROM present last night and could not sleep well.... maybe she and I should learn to avoid last minute preparation and procrastination.

Then, I will have time to pack my necessities for SCKLM 2012. I have don't have the checklist yet... probably I will bring more things because I'll be driving there.

Tomorrow morning, I will need to attend CQE class again and skip the second half because I want to reach KL early and have a good rest. Most of my full marathons before this were packed with shopping, walking and sightseeing. I hope I could have more rest this time.

The haze really hampered the preparation for SCKLM but what can I do? I will try my best to stay strong and finish strong.

See you in SCKLM.

-good luck-

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