Friday, June 15, 2012

Say 'No' to Self Doubt

Today, I have received an email from my mother. This is not the first one but the emails always come in the phrases like 'For your reading pleasure', 'Just a sharing', etc.... I never ask my mom who is the author of those articles but I guess it was from her boss, the general manager of one Japanese company in Penang.

Coincidentally, today's sharing is about the 'self doubt', 'self pity' or whatever negative emotion that stopping you from thinking positively. I am doubtful since the Hatyai International Marathon, the cramps really freak-ed me out. Imagine the feeling like multiple knife stabs into your tight and calf in 1 hour and 30 minutes. I started to doubt my own abilities and capabilities to finish another full  marathon in good shape. FYI, I only finished 1 out of 4 FM without walking, the one and only one was PBIM 2011.

After reading the articles, I find that it lifts me up a bit. I shall start to think positively, rather than putting so much pressure on finishing well above target, probably I should target finish in good shape, good timing is a bonus.

Dear all,

Murphy's law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Yes, anything can go wrong especially at times when nothing seems to go right and all things seem to go wrong. At such a time, we begin to question our abilities and our capabilities. This leads to self doubt which happens to be a very powerful detrimental deterrent factor when we want to make good our mistakes. The moment we let in self doubt, it will sabotage our performance and chase away any enthusiasm that we may have. When self doubt arises, we spend unproductive time nursing our wounds and indulging in self pity.

Instead of letting self doubt rule, when things go wrong, we should pour all our energy and concentration into planning, strategizing and preparing for a come back. Positive thinking should be the order of that crucial moment. We should squash self doubt the minute it surfaces to save precious time and energy. Constructive and positive thinking will bring us reconstruction and the right way ahead. Think and say to yourself: "I am the expert in my field. I have the capability, capacity, knowledge and the mental make-up for this task at hand or any obstacle that is lurking in my way."

With trust in our decision, take action with confidence and move forward to tackle the issue. When we are too worried of the many opinions along our way, we waver in our thoughts and our actions. We begin to fear mistakes, making us weak and unappreciative of the condition and situation of the case in point. When we are at such crossroads, banish self doubt. Let us ask whether we are leading our lives in a way where we could be proud of ourselves. This means  we must be able to appreciate ourselves first and by then, only will others be able to appreciate us.

Get to know our very strength, capability and inherent qualities for what we are. Only when we are appreciative of ourselves, do others begin to appreciate us. Thus, for today, let us appreciate ourselves even by learning from our own mistakes. Then, we shall do things, not just to please others, but to please ourselves first. This is the best possible way to banish self doubt and be on our way to success and accomplishment.

Let us quote from John Wooden, the basketball player and coach, who was famous for his short, simple inspirational messages.

John Robert Wooden John Wooden - , the American basketball great, nicknamed the "Wizard of Westwood  has this to say:

" Don't let what you can't do stop you from what you can do".

Have a wonderful weekend discarding worries and banishing self doubts. You will begin to think as a winner.
 Hopefully, everyone is benefited after reading this article. Good luck.


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