Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wrap Up 2011

Well, I cannot sleep now, it could be the double dose of kopi'O that I have down, or the fried yam, sweet potato and cempedak, or simply I had too much sleep in the afternoon. Sleeping at 5-7pm usually cause me some trouble sleeping at night. Probably, it is because I have not wrap up my 2011 yet, let's do it now.

  1. Walk the talk. If I have hundreds of things to change, this needs to go first. I hope I can plan ahead, plan well, execute, manage and deliver.

    This is not not a smart goal. It is very difficult to measure, but I will not rate myself good in this because I have had some trouble in planning, executing, managing and delivering certain tasks in 2011, however I still can pull everything through, but think back, I don't really like the fire fighting scenarios. Let me name a few things that went wrong a bit:
    (a) The house renovation project is just done ONE, only ONE day before the official day.
    (b) The wedding seats planing is bad, one repeat table cause everything to go haywire.
    (c) Some contract work in my workplace that did not go very well.

    Verdict: 65%
  2. Be more financially savvy. It has been spending spree for quite some time. It is time to save more, invest more. Pick up the skills that I've had before.

    This is also not a SMART goal. (I just learned about it, but I need to remind myself to set only SMART goals). Actually we are quite prudent in spending but I do insist certain things must be quality and branded things like my shoes, I only have 2 feet. The furniture for house must be good because I want it to last longer and they are not cheap. I bought Panasonic electrical appliances because I believe the brand and reputation also speak for itself. I would say that the saving did not come until we have completed item no.3 below. We spent wisely in the NZ trip, we skipped a lot of tourist attraction spots because of the price, but I don't know when we will make it there again.

    Verdict: 75%

  3. Hat-trick @ 28. House, wedding and honeymoon, argh.... all needs money. I really hope that I can make sure the house can up on time to be a sweet home. Wedding stuff, it has to go faster and further. Honeymoon, already bought the air tickets, then need more planning on the free & easy itinerary.

    (a) House - Finally done, but there are still some loose ends. I would say 5% that need some touch up!
    (b) Wedding - Done! 81 tables. Mai siao siao.... A difficult situation to handle but it remains as a sweet memory for the years to come. We sang '爱的路上只有我和你' during the march in. I still can't believe it.
    (c) Honeymoon - Drive more than 2000km in 12 days, had a great time in South Island, New Zealand. Too bad that Christchurch is badly damaged by the earthquake, but New Zealand is a beautiful place.

    Verdict: 90%
  4. Be a better negotiator. I think I have a big nose, and having the taurus zodiac, I tend to be taken to round the garden, without any objection, and end up as the losing side, financially. I need to stand firm and solid.

    Sometimes I will negotiate, sometimes I cannot. I need consistency in this.

    Verdict: 50%
  5. Serious in running. For healthier lifestyle, better self-satisfaction, I want to be really fit, physically, mentally and emotionally. I want to be a sub-4.5hrs marathon runner, first run is the Sundown marathon, Singapore. Sub 2hrs half marathoner, and 45 min for 10k run. I want to skim the flesh at mu waistline too.

    Actually I had revised the goal after the Sundown marathon because I know that I will not have enough time to commit into running because I switched my job to a new company, I need to take care of the house renovation, wedding and honeymoon. Therefore, the real goal is to complete 3 full marathon, just to complete.

    Well, I have done it.
    (a) Singapore Sundown Marathon
    (b) Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon
    (c) Allianz Penang Bridge International Marathon.

    Besides, I have made a sub 2 in 21k in the Across-3-States Half Marathon :D

    Verdict: 95%
Overall, the average score is 75%. It is considered a good and fruitful 2011. Let me write something down for 2012, smart goals. LOL...

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