Thursday, November 1, 2012

Resting Heart Rate (2012-08 to 2012-10)

Resting heart rate trend chart.... seems like no improvement. Since many things happened in this period of time, could be due to myocarditis, overtraining, nightmare or many unknown factors.

What conclusion I can draw from here?


TriStupe said...

:) Thanks for sharing bro. Can't comment at this point of time until i see/understand your mileage/training program. Sometimes, it could be multiple factors.

I tend to take the HR at the same time everytime, in almost same condition and same everything. Mine has been goign between 39 and 42.

ChoonShih said...

Maybe I have a little time flexibility and tend to sleep longer, doing something else. So, there was no consistent timing for the measurement but they are taken from as early as 3am to as late as 9am.