Friday, December 28, 2012

Be Careful in What You Wish for

The weather was crazily hot, I was asking myself whether it is the sun or the tinted films on my car wind screen, side windows and back screen quality has degraded after 5 years. The idea of have a 'darker' and 'better' film on my car crossed my mind.

There were some trapped air bubbles on the back screen, some peeled off area on the side windows, but besides that everything is fine.

Last week, when I was driving on the Penang Bridge, I was tired but I was awakened by a 'piak' noise. I thought it was a small pebble hitting my wind screen and nothing happen, but I double checked it again and I saw there was a crack. Shit....

Luckily I insured that piece of wind screen but the trouble of getting the insurance claim documentation, sending it to workshop, sending for another tint film, all those arrangement are tiring.

I guess I need to top up certain amount on top of the RM1000 claim entitlement.

Haih.... really need to be careful what you wish for.


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